We Need To Get This Out Of Our System – We Need More People Like Louis Tomlinson In This Industry

We need more people like Louis Tomlinson in this world, and especially, in the music industry. But let’s be honest – you, you lovely reader, are probably a Louie and you already knew that. Whether it’s affordable worldwide tours that are set to actually be affordable and worldwide, or using his position and platform to lift up others, he is a bright light for so many, his Louies and fellow musicians alike. So stick the kettle on and somebody hold our poodle, because we think this needs talking about more.

“Hats Off” To Louis Tomlinson And His Support Of Up And Coming Bands

With great power comes great responsibility and Guinness World Record breaker Louis Tomlinson, who just finished his first sold out world tour and put on his second music festival, only to announce another world tour, along with his second solo album, has plenty of both. Louis regularly uses the incredible platform he’s earned, to spotlight fellow musicians and give incredible opportunities, and there’s something pretty special about that if you ask us. Whether it’s a recommendation on Twitter, or hand-selecting incredible bands to support and open his tours and Away From Home Festival(s); Louis Tomlinson is helping to put phenomenal artists on the map in front of millions of people, reminding us every single day that he truly is a rock star in every sense of the word.

Image Source: Joshua Halling

With one of the most powerful fandoms in the world in front of him, Louis introduces his fans to bands they may never have heard of before. Louies in turn, welcome them with open arms, helping to catapult them forward in their careers from acts of genuine care by Louis Tomlinson. Bands like our faves Only The Poets (who we caught last week in Manchester), Sun Room, The Snuts, Voodo0, The Vaccines, BILK, Pacific Avenue, Stone, and Hinds, are a firm fixture on our playlists now, and we’re thankful to those bands and to Louis Tomlinson for that. Louis Tomlinson is a blessing to this industry, he truly is in a league of his own, and if this is what he can do right now, just imagine the impact he will make when he eventually launches his own artist management company!

Louis Tomlinson’s passion for using his platform for good in the industry, rubs off on his incredible fans too! Here at The Honey POP, we promote positivity in press, and we don’t shine light on negativity. Therefore, we’ll just say this: All you have to do is look at Twitter today, to see the way Louies are emulating Louis Tomlinson’s support for up-and-coming bands and artists in his comments, – especially those who recognize and appreciate the rare light that Louis and his fans are in the industry – and how those bands are blown away by that support. A community of Louies and independent bands have come together today, and it has been bloody beautiful. There’s a queue out the door of artists manifesting working with Louis – as there should be! He gives so many people Faith In The Future, and he also gives faith in the present.

Mr. Worldwide (Unless that’s copyrighted by Pitbull, in which case, please ignore.)

Louis’ 2023 Faith In The Future World Tour is gearing up to be one of the most actual worldwide tours we’ve seen, and we are screaming. We’re so used to seeing artists announce tour stops that require fans travelling cross-country, or even intercontinental if outside Europe and the US. And while we also love a concert trip, so many fans aren’t in the position to do this. Louis Tomlinson is saying goodbye to that status quo, and giving so many of his fans the chance to join him on tour, making sure worldwide does actually mean worldwide. Europe dates are almost sold out, and if these tour stops are anything to go by, we’d like to congratulate Louis Tomlinson for looking at a map, because, wow. In fact, the 39 dates of the European leg of his 2023 tour, are nearly as many as were originally planned for his entire first world tour! That’s staggering. Yes, king.

Image Source: Official Tour Poster, via Louis Tomlinson Twitter

The extent of this tour is incredible for so many fans, but we think it’s important to spotlight the positive impact such an all encompassing tour, could have on fans with disabilities. The live music industry still has a long was to go in equal opportunity and access for disabled fans, and location/travel can most certainly be a barrier. Many fans and live music lovers, including members of our team, have faced barriers to accessing tours. While extensive venues and locations do not completely resolve this, they most certainly drive tours in a forward direction of more equal opportunity. Thank you Louis!

Prices Down, Middle Fingers Up!

Image Source: Louis Tomlinson Instagram

Another spotlight that needs to be shone on Louis’ approach to this new tour, is cost. With the European leg of the tour ranging from £33/39€ to £57/65€ for tickets, there are options that will be affordable for more people, opening the opportunity to share this experience with Louis. And with no extra pricey meet and greet option, Louis has said no to wealth being the open door to meet him. While so many of us would give anything to meet him, so many fans are not in that position and Louis knows it. Say it louder for the people in the back: Money doesn’t equal being a better fan. Support does. While we know artists may not be the ones setting their exact prices, we applaud any artist driving their career and team in a direction that aligns with their values, as Louis is doing.

Faith In The Future

Just think – if we can write the above 949 words about Louis’ impact on the industry right now, what on earth are we gonna do when Faith In The Future drops next month? You know, besides scream and cry? There aren’t even words we can muster for how excited we are for this album, which is concerning considering that’s literally our job. Okay, we’ll try – Faith In The Future is going to change our life trajectories and shift the tectonic plates of the earth. How’s that?

We’ve now had two tastes of Faith In The Future, with ‘Bigger Than Me‘ and the brand new single ‘Out Of My System,’ and they have been everything we could have wanted and more. Punk Louis is alive and well, but spare a thought for that ‘OOMS’ smashed up drumkit. We volunteer in tribute, sir.

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Out Of My System‘ chewed up our little punk hearts and then offered us a cuddle and a cupcake afterwards. With a bass riff we could feel in the soles of our feet, this single has made us ascend. When Louis said this album has a live intention at its core, we felt every word of that, and ‘Out Of My System’ live is set to shake the ground under our feet. With the music video seeming to flirt with the future promise of Louis and his incredible live band absolutely letting rip on tour, that intention has become crystal clear. As the lights across the arena drop to red, the hairs on our arms will stand up to acknowledge Louis’ presence, and we will not apologize for the people we become when that happens. ‘Out Of My System’ goes hard, and Louis and Louies will match that on tour. Oh can it just be 2023 already please?

Pre-order Faith In The Future now, and grab one of the few remaining UK and Europe tour tickets here!

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