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Review & Giveaway: Louis Tomlinson’s Faith In The Future Is A Masterpiece Of Artistry

Louis Tomlinson was right. With his Louies behind him, who is gonna stop them?

“It’s Times Like These” That Make Us Feral For Louis Tomlinson: ‘Silver Tongues’

Our tongues are silver, our jaws are on the floor, and our pride in Louis is through the roof.

We Need To Get This Out Of Our System – We Need More People Like Louis Tomlinson In This Industry

It would just be a nicer placer if more people were like Louis Tomlinson.

Rae, A Drop of Golden Sun: Ashe’s Sophomore Album Is A Triumph

Ashe’s sophomore album is a Rae of light!

‘Bigger Than Me’ Is The Start Of The Future We Kept Our Faith In, Thanks To Louis Tomlinson

The love we have for Louis Tomlinson, and how proud we are of his latest release, is bigger than anything.

Ashe Releases ‘Emotional,’ And She Can Run Us Over Any Time She Wants Tbh

Ashe is owning her space on ‘Emotional’ and we are living for it.

Dear Harry Styles, Please Hit Us In The Face With A Pillow: We Can’t Get ‘Late Night Talking’ Off Our Mind(s)

Sultry, deep, silly, poetic. And that’s just Harry himself. What about the LNT music video?

We’re ‘Daydreaming’ Over Harry Styles’ Love On Tour 2.0 Residency!

“Leave America”…. Try “Return to America!” He’s back!

Only The Poets fisheye lens photo by Rory Barnes

Only The Poets Are Every Band We’ve Ever Wanted, With ‘Every Song I Ever Wrote’

We’re crying with a smile, and couldn’t be prouder of Only The Poets. “Now goooo!”

‘As It Was’ And As It Should Be – Harry Styles, Record Breaker.

Quantifying Harry Styles’ record breaking ‘As It Was,’ with the Green Bay Packers and Bread? Ok!