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If Only The Poets Are Gonna ‘Jump!’ We’re Jumping Too!

If Only The Poets Are Gonna ‘Jump!’ We’re Jumping Too!

On Thursday night, we at THP HQ joined so many of you around the world, waiting for midnight to strike…. Waiting for Brit Indie-Rock giants Only The Poets, and their brand new single, ‘Jump!’. We sat beaming throughout those long awaited 3:14 minutes, singing along in the wrong key to the teased lyrics we’d already memorized, and just soaked it all in. And as the final post chorus drew to a close, we simply looked at each other and nodded: “Yep, that’s our band.”

Now, not to put ourselves on blast, but sometimes we really are our own worst enemies. We love to get in our own way, whether that’s self sabotaging ourselves when things are going right, or not giving ourselves the chance, out of a fear of failing. Sound familiar? Well luckily, we have a remedy for that. It’s that need to quit overthinking and just follow our hearts, that forges the inspiration for ‘Jump!’, as OTP takes the question of whether to follow your head or your heart, sticks it in a guitar fret, and shreds it.

Stream ‘Jump!’ right here!

‘JUMP!’ is about all the times when you need to follow your heart and not your head. Too often in life we don’t take the leap, always wondering about potential problems and over thinking. It’s a song all about being completely unapologetic about jumping into something new and exciting, whatever that might be.

– Only The Poets on ‘Jump!’

Our Very Official Scientific Review Of ‘Jump!’

With the OTP sound we know and crave, yet somehow with an elevated freshness, ‘Jump!’ has lived up to everything we were promised, as the skill of this band fills the atmosphere of this gritty yet vintage sound. Produced by King Ed and mixed by Dan Grech, sonically and vocally, ‘Jump!’ had us by the throat and we thanked it.


how we made our new single, ‘JUMP!’ x

♬ JUMP! – Only The Poets

Andy ‘Roo’ Burge has poured the bass in to ‘Jump!’, giving bright vintage tones that would leave McCartney circa ‘Penny Lane’ nodding in satisfaction. We could write an essay on Clem Cherry’s guitar heavy build through the melody, for its airy support through the verses, complete consumption of the chorus, and the thick grit in that gorgeous post-chorus.

Courtesy of Marcus Yates, the roaring drum-forward energy punches the songs delivery onwards, driving Only The Poets’ live gig sound through our i-Phone speakers, which studio recordings too often lose. The synth drive throughout lifts ‘Jump!’ into new realms for OTP’s sound, but we have no idea who to credit for that! And then there’s Tommy’s vocals. Oh, Tommy’s vocals. They’re like if gravel rock met a sultry smoke filled bar, met Springsteen, met a hot cup of British tea. Tommy Longhurst’s vocal delivery is like no other, and it is the voice we will always come back to. And that head voice vibrato in the post chorus? Behave yourself.

‘Jump!’ has lived up to everything we were promised, as the skill of this band fills the atmosphere of this gritty yet vintage sound.

The Honey POP on ‘Jump!’

This Is ******* Family

Yeah, we have to keep it PG13, so just fill in the blank. If you’ve been buzzing around our hive for a hot minute, you’re already fully aware that Only The Poets could tell us to ‘Jump!’ and we’d say “how high?” We think, no, we know, these four Reading lads are what is next in this industry; and honestly we’re just glad to be a part of that history! ‘Jump!’ is the second single release under Only The Poets’ new record label EMI Records, and with that, we retract that “next” statement. They’re not next, they’re right now. This is happening, and we couldn’t think of a band more deserving, both as artists and as people.

From dedicated efforts to open up conversations about mental health, to keeping fan safety the priority when addressing camping for their gigs, Only The Poets are constantly showing us all that we stan the right people. Nothing evidences this point more than the measures taken to, in true acts of kindness, ensure that fans who cannot afford full price Only The Poets gig tickets, can still attend. From affordable ticket prices, to safe ways to enable fellow fans to purchase tickets for others who need a hand, Only The Poets, along with their fan fave manager Sam Jackson, are constantly considering how to involve fans (family), with a truly inclusive experience. How that isn’t making worldwide industry headlines is beyond us! In fact, we challenge other press outlets and publications to champion Only The Poets’ approach, much further.

We did it the old school way. We all come from hard-working backgrounds, and we understand you have to put the work in. So building a fanbase through live shows just made sense. We’d drive up to Stockton-on-Tees and play in front of two people or get booked for tiny festivals, whenever we could play we would. Even though initially the rooms were small, for us to be playing music together was just an amazing feeling. And then when you start to see it building it all becomes a hundred times more intense.

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Tour (And A Quick Telling Off!)

Only The Poets are heading out on their headline European Tour, very very soon! Check it out here! We cannot wait to hear ‘Jump!’ live and celebrate this phenomenal band in a sea of fellow fans with shared intentions. That’s the beauty of live music!

We’re also using this opportunity to politely directly address and shout at Only The Poets… Hi, we were at Purple Turtle when you said it was probably the last time you would play ‘No More Lonely,’ so we’re not ending this article without telling you how very cross we are about it. Thanks for coming to our Ted Talk.

We’re so ready for the music video, please and thank you. While we wait, we’ll keep feasting on the ‘Even Hell’ music video, and reliving all of those magical memories from the last tour!

Are you ready to ‘Jump!’ with Only The Poets? Maybe you’re jumping into the Europe tour! We want to chat all things OTP with you! We’re over on the bird app far too much, at @thehoneypop.Or if Facebook and Instagram are more your vibe, you do you, we’ll be waiting!


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