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Only The Poets’ ‘Even Hell’ Makes Hell Feel Like Home

Only The Poets’ ‘Even Hell’ Makes Hell Feel Like Home

Hey, you. Yes, you, reading this article, we’re talking to you. Give us your full attention real quick, we have a question for you! Have you ever had that feeling in which your life feels like your own personal hell? Like, surely the devil himself has come up with a scheme in which he makes you think you are living but you are actually, in fact, in hell. Ever felt like you’re living in The Good Place? Same. 

But, just when your brain—its own little entity that you simply cannot control no matter how hard you try—starts to turn on you, you grab your earphones and blast music, blocking out all stimuli around you and focusing on the music. Focusing on the lyrics and the melody, feeling every single note as the majors and minors tug on the strings of your heart and infiltrate your soul, making everything seem okay. Ever done that? We have. So have Tom Longhurst, Clem Cherry, Marcus Yates, and Andy Burge— the members of the band Only The Poets.

As much as we try to explain this idea, we cannot do it as well as Only The Poets can. They make us seem almost incompetent! Their newest single, ‘Even Hell,’ is one of the most perfect songs to explain this feeling. The feeling that there is only one thing in the entire world that will make everything better. Take a listen while watching this stunning visualizer:

When asked about the song, Longhurst said what we all wanted to hear: “‘Even Hell’ is our love letter to music. We just wanted to show our appreciation for music and how it can help you out and give you that escape in scenarios that would normally make you feel stressed and uneasy.”

Music allows people to connect on a higher level. It’s one of the most intimate, personal, and meaningful things in life. It affects everyone, whether they realize it or not. Each vocal, each beat, it all stimulates an emotion within us. That may be exactly why we fans feel a strong connection to musicians. We feel as if we aren’t so alone, that we have someone to relate to. Their music, and therefore the artists themselves, make us feel safe. They feel like home!

In this song, we hear highly personal almost narrative lyrics that hold so much truth and honesty. This is one of our favorite things about ‘Even Hell.’ Tom himself has stated that he always tries to write really honestly and openly, because he wants the fans to know that it’s okay not to be okay. ‘Even Hell’ was made with this thought in mind, with hopes to make Only The Poets fans feel safe, seen, and heard.

All of that gorgeousness placed over an instrumental track that is the epitome of Britpop—with very obvious Brit-indie influence—makes the song come to life. It’s this exact mixture that makes us want to be enveloped in the song. As 5SOS put it so nicely, we want to feel the song “like the weather, all over me, all over me.”

We could go on and on about the incredible track that is ‘Even Hell,’ but, alas, we would be here for years. So, let us stop ourselves before we go into a rant that would never end by saying that ‘Even Hell’ is a track that everyone needs in their playlist. As a matter of fact, you should have all of OTP’s songs in your playlist. Trust us, you won’t regret it. Let us help you get that going by providing you with this.

Love the song? Wanna hear it live? Lucky for you, Only The Poets are going to be opening acts on tour with Lewis Capaldi as he plays concerts throughout Europe, and you can get your tickets here. To get you even more excited, you can see OTP in concert again as they go on their own tour around Europe! Get those tickets here 🙂

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Hate the song? Don’t wanna hear it live? You’re lying.

Another question for you: what’s your favorite Only The Poets song? (If you can even choose one, that is. It’s very difficult to narrow it down!) Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @thehoneypop! You could even hop on over to our Facebook and Instagram too!


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