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4 Ashnikko Songs To Get You Excited For WEEDKILLER

4 Ashnikko Songs To Get You Excited For WEEDKILLER

As the weather gets warmer, we’re moving into one of our favorite seasons… Ashnikko Album Season, of course! We’re counting down the days until Ash gives us her WEEDKILLER project on June 2nd, and it’s inspired us to not only listen to the album singles on repeat, but also to go back to some of our faves in their catalog. So what better way to get you hyped up than to share some of our favorite Ashnikko songs? Let’s dive right in!


Of course, you’re not ready for WEEDKILLER if you haven’t heard the triumphant title track! The main melody in the instrumental reminds us of her breakout hit ‘Daisy,’ but this time, with even more edge. With lyrics like “I made knives out of broken ribs,” ‘WEEDKILLER’ seems to see Ashnikko taking back their power in the face of any “weeds” standing in their way, and we’re so here for that empowering message. We know this song will inspire so many people worldwide and become such a special track for Ash’s fans! 

This is the song that spawned the whole album. It’s the climax of the record, the epic fight scene in the wasteland. Swords drawn, roots deep into the ground, I have come here to photosynthesize and eliminate the weedkillers. It is a violent fantastical storytelling set in my realm.



From what we’ve heard so far, the WEEDKILLER album is gonna be giving us a whole lot of bad*ss Ashnikko vibes, so we’re heading back to 2022 to look back at the confident ‘Maggots!’ This definitely feels like the older sister of ‘WEEDKILLER,’ seeing Ash shrug off online negativity and reminding us that someone’s insults towards you are probably just projections of their own insecurities. The things we’d do to hear this song live…

Content Warning: The performance video below has flashing lights!

‘Slumber Party’

This collab with Princess Nokia has been having a bit of a moment on TikTok lately and it’s so deserved! You probably have it on your playlists already, but in case you don’t, here’s a refresher: ‘Slumber Party’ is an all-around bop about having a slumber party with a crush. It gets a little spicy, but it still gives such good vibes. 


Let’s finish off this list with another song from the WEEDKILLER record! Ashnikko released ‘Worms’ earlier this year, and even while talking about existential crises and how “the world is burning,” it gives off such effortlessly cool vibes and also touches on good things like having besties. We might all have worms in our brains at the end of the day, but what matters is pushing through those tough experiences and finding some light in them. 

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Which of these songs is your favorite? Have you pre-saved or pre-ordered WEEDKILLER yet? If not, do that right here, then tell us which track you’re claiming on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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