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Sammy Copley Delivers An Ode To Marsha P. Johnson

“You broke your back so I could straighten mine.” We have GOOSEBUMPS.

Reactors React: Ashlyn by Ashe

Crying, dancing and vodka… We’re not the only ones simping for Ashe!

Deep Dive Into The Talent Of Lola Young!

Can we get Lola Young’s voice tattooed on our faces?

Claire Rosinkranz Is Every Little Thing We Want In ‘Frankenstein’

Brb, we’re googling how to sew!

Ashlyn by Ashe: A Cultural Reset

If we cry any more over Ashlyn, we’re gonna end up dehydrated.

RoseeLu Is F*cking With Our Feelings!

We’d let RoseeLu f**k with our feelings whenever she wants!

Julia Michaels’ Not In Chronological Order Fan Club

This is our official application for the Julia Michaels Not In Chronological Order Fan Club!

Hey Rosellas, We Think You’re A Star!

Meet Rosellas – they like bees as much as we do!

Rak-Su’s Independent Project Lost Tour EP is ‘Fuego’!

Rak-Su have taken back control, and it is fire!

Evanescence May Be ‘Better Without You,’ But We’re Better With Them, Live!

Guess which of the THP family, sang ‘My Immortal’ at a high school talent show…