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Review & Giveaway: Louis Tomlinson’s Faith In The Future Is A Masterpiece Of Artistry

Review & Giveaway: Louis Tomlinson’s Faith In The Future Is A Masterpiece Of Artistry

How have we only been living with Louis Tomlinson’s Faith In The Future for a couple of days? It feels like it’s always had a place in our lives. A beautifully rich album that we would quite like to add to an IV bag and be hydrated by, day and night. Louis has absolutely floored us with his sophomore album, and we’re sure the support from Louies has absolutely floored Louis too! And so we figured it was only right that we celebrate Faith In The Future with our review, and celebrate Louies with a giveaway we think you deserve!

At the time of writing, the ‘Silver Tongues‘ music video has amassed over 700,000 views, in under 24 hours! The album went to #1 on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart, is battling it out for the UK Number 1 album, and has topped over 40 million streams on Spotify. By the time you read this, it will be much higher. As it deserves. Louies have turned up and turned out to celebrate and support the album release, as we always knew they would. Because as Louis says “with these lot behind me, who the f*ck is gonna stop us?” It really is just Louis Tomlinson’s world and we’re living in it – but that’s because Louis invited us in! Faith In The Future is unmistakably Louis Tomlinson, and we could not be prouder.

Every single stream of Faith In The Future leaves us fixated on a different song each time. Therefore, it’s a requirement to be streaming it as you continue to read! Stream Faith In The Future here, now! Our fave song changes every hour, as we find new intricate details, vocal deliciousness, and lyrical feeling every time we listen. So we’re entirely incapable of giving you our album ranking, but of course, we’re going to give you some of our highlights!

“Hey, babe…”

So did we all hear this for the first time and fall over, yeah? We don’t know what Louis Tomlinson put in this song, and in Faith In The Future overall, but we want some. With its filthy bass line, this track has so much gritty texture. Let’s be honest, it’s hot. We knew every word from the first listen, which is a testament to Louis’ incredible songwriting talent. And while we’re here, we need to give a special mention to how he sings the word “cold,” because that was basically ASMR. We are so satisfied and we think we’re going to see something very special happen with this song!

‘Written All Over Your Face’ is all over TikTok right now, which is incredible for promo, including outside the fandom, and it would also have Louis rolling his eyes, which is making us giggle. Keep using the sound! ‘Written All Over Your Face’ is one of the absolute shining stars of this album, and of Louis’ entire discography. It is sublime, decadent, and already a firm fan favorite. Future single potential? We think so!

“I still know your number…”

‘Chicago’ is permanently high up on our album ranking. This song absolutely gives Louis’ vocals a spotlight. The final chorus’ “know. your. number” absolutely slaps us in the face, it’s one of our favorite melodic moments of the entire album, with the tempo change driving home the lyric and driving our feral-ness (is that a word?). On first listen, this may seem like a sad song, but on closer inspection, it’s full of acceptance and affection – that although things may not have worked out, it’s just that it “wasn’t meant to be.” We know Louies will go so hard for this on tour, and we cannot wait. Just as Louis intended!

“It’s gonna drag me down…”

One of our favorite songs on the album, ‘Holding On To Heartache’ feels so utterly nostalgic and has one of our fave bridges of the entire album. There are many thoughts on what this song is about, and of course, we’ll never find out what the actual meaning is – because that’s the artistry of an incredible songwriter, when songs can mean different things to different people and never need an explanation. Many fans have been speculating that this might be a nod to Louis moving on from the heartache of One Direction parting ways, and his journey from then to now.

Now, we’re not ones to needlessly pull One Direction into conversations and celebrations of anyone’s solo career, but we kinda think this one makes sense! The repetition of “drag me down,” “the space between us,” and “the nights, they change in seasons” are reminiscent of lyrics from ‘Drag Me Down,’ ‘Spaces,’ and ‘Night Changes,’ co-written by Louis in 1D. Louis also shares “you know the party’s over when you’re standin’ in an empty space alone,” perhaps as a solo artist rather than sharing a stage? Louis has spoken a few times lately about his journey after One Direction and the personal challenge that was. We have no idea if that’s what the song is about, but all we’ll say is this: if in any way, this song relates to healing from that journey, then that is exactly what Louis deserves – to grow from that experience and feel the absolute confidence, pride, and faith in him and his career that we all feel.

“But I won’t be broken down…”

When those drums come in on the post-chorus, we physically lift out of our seats, and then the bridge keeps us there, just hovering in happiness and satisfaction. Louis is the king of bridges, and ‘Saturdays’ sees him wear that badge with honor. Probably our favorite bridge on the whole album, it lyrically envelopes Louis Tomlinson’s message behind the album – Faith In The Future – faith that even when things knock him down or break him down, he’s coming back. He’s not broken, and things get better. And we as Louies can take that away with us in our own lives. This is a truly special song. Thank you, Louis.

Counting The Days ‘Til Tour

Yes, it is ages away, but we’re still counting the days. With the Europe tour already sold, the North America tour has just gone on sale too! This leg will offer 40 stops in North America, including the incredible Hollywood Bowl. This is going to be absolutely life-changing, for us and for Louis. There looks to still be some tickets, so if you haven’t got yours yet, run don’t walk! Fingers crossed the rest of the world will be getting their announcements soon!

Image Source: Tour Poster, via Lede Company

Giving Back To Louies

Here at The Honey POP, we think Louies are pretty incredible. And so, we want to give back for your non-stop support for our fave person ever – Louis Tomlinson, and also, your support of The Honey POP. We’re an independent international publication, by fans for fans. We do what we do because of artists like Louis Tomlinson, and fans like you.

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What’s your Faith In The Future ranking? What song are you most excited to hear live? We want to know it all. We want more Louie moots! Tweet us at @thehoneypop or visit us on Facebook and Instagram.

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