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‘Bigger Than Me’ Is The Start Of The Future We Kept Our Faith In, Thanks To Louis Tomlinson

‘Bigger Than Me’ Is The Start Of The Future We Kept Our Faith In, Thanks To Louis Tomlinson

As we sit down to write this, it’s evening and there’s a chill in the air. We’ve finally settled into bed in our pajamas with a hot cup of tea. A Louis Tomlinson playlist curated by his truly dedicated Louies, hums quietly in the background, and our fairy lights cast an amber hew across the room. We have just experienced days of sheer Louis Tomlinson euphoria and so, despite the crisp evening air drafting through our window, we’re warm inside. Life makes sense today. It’s good. And it’s good because Louis Tomlinson is part of it. In the last few days, we all got to experience history being made, as Faith In The Future is on its way, with ‘Bigger Than Me’ finally being shared with the world. We were part of this future, and it’s that future that we never lost faith in, thanks to Louis Tomlinson.

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‘Bigger Than Me’ Is Bigger Than All Of Us

The first single from Faith In The Future, ‘Bigger Than Me’ is not just a song, it’s a cultural reset. A punk fueled reason to get out of bed. It takes the air out of our lungs, changes our life trajectory, vocally sucker punches us, and then gives us a cuddle after.

Louis’ vocals hit straight out of the gate on ‘Bigger Than Me’ – immediately setting the tone for the direction of this sonic masterpiece. No introductory build, no time to wonder, and not a single beat missed, just Louis, and with that, the confidence and authenticity of this song makes itself known immediately. And let’s just say this right now before we go any further: Louis has never sounded better. We can’t even compute how hard this song will go, live on stage. Like, we’re not okay about it.

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When we first heard the line “I’ve woken up from my sleep” online prior to the release, with its belting vocal and punk rock bass line, we claimed this song. Our 2000’s emo hearts soared, and we all knew this song was right. It was exactly what we knew we wanted from LT2, and then some, and it is exactly what we have always know Louis was vocally and melodically capable of.

Little did we know it would be the first single, and little did we know it would go that hard, though. Be thankful you weren’t at THP HQ when it dropped. We paused everything, crowded around a bluetooth speaker, and the second the heaviness of this track dawned on us, we fell to the floor. There were tears, of course. Tears of joy, tears of pent up hope, tears of adrenaline, and tears of absolute pride in Louis Tomlinson and what he has created.

It’s In Part, About Louies *sobs*

Life, over the last few years especially, with the flaming dumpster fire that was lockdowns and everything going on in the world, often feels quite insular. Many have spoken about this, but few have made it the topic of the first single of their brand new album. Louis though, has done just that. ‘Bigger Than Me’ is about how his journey, while his own, is all encompassing. His significance and impact is enormous, perhaps more so than he realized in the past, and with that, it forces change and greater thought, and this is Louis’ realization and ownership of that. Offering his honesty to his fans, and in many ways, his recognition. ‘Bigger Than Me’ feels like Louis is telling us “I never expected any of this, but I get it. I’ve had to adapt and that scared me, but this is genuine and I know this is more than just me now.” And there’s a real care and vulnerability in that.

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The codependency between Louis and his Louies has been the topic of many tour speeches, interviews, and fan tweets, and with good reason. We absolutely do need him, and this record feels like Louis telling us he gets it. Quite honestly, it must be a lot of pressure to have on your shoulders – It can’t be easy being the comfort person for millions of people, and we hope that Louis knows that we see that too. Yet, in ‘Bigger Than Me,’ Louis seems to own this part of his journey. Louis sums it up better than we ever could, because well… he’s a wordsmith.

“It was my first moment of excitement making this record, and where it felt we were on to something which honours the live show. I’ve always strived to be a very normal, humble person in this life, but there’s a line to that and a responsibility that comes from being in this position. I realised from doing those live shows what it means to my fans and how everything I do is bigger than me. It’s almost a coming of age for myself and putting opinions about myself to the back of my mind and thinking about what it potentially means for other people.”

Louis Tomlinson

The Past Fuels The Future We’ve Always Had Faith In

The ‘Bigger Than Me’ music video just released, and we have thoughts. Of course, the beautiful thing about Louis and his art, is it is open to interpretation, and it’s open to taking from it what you need at that time. But we’re Louies first and foremost in life, so we have watched it 28 times and this is our hot take!

Chapters of life, whether happy, sad or challenging, can create the future. They’re the fuel that drives you forward, on whatever path life creates and whatever path you forge yourself. You find them along the way, and whether large or small, they have impact. They change your direction, and it’s often what you do with those moments along your journey, that makes the difference. Do you leave them and not look back? Do you keep them with you as a piece of your story that is just for yourself? Or do you use them to spur you on and ignite the ability to move forward, and create a future that impacts more than just yourself? Do you use them to fuel the future you and so many others, always had faith in? Do you use them to fuel the fire that warms everyone who is near it?

We are screaming, crying and sliding down the Walls, over the possible symbolism in this sophisticated, simple, yet edgy video. We also think Louis would laugh at us using the word edgy, and we’ll take no more questions on that. And let’s be honest, if Louis threw a stick into a fire and told us to “fetch,” we’d do it, sooo….

Stream It Like You’ve Never Streamed Before

This is it Louies. Stream ‘Bigger Than Me’ now. Tell randos on Omegle to do the same… again. Get involved in projects, do it all. We have been waiting for this for so long, and we’re only just getting started with what we can do together, to support this release. We have been training for this for a long time. He’s finally getting the professional promotion he deserves, with BMG living on strawberry laces and coffee to give this the effort and dedication it truly deserves (we see you BMG). And he’s releasing an album that is by all possible accounts, entirely HIM. Let’s absolutely blow him away with what we can do. Louis says that “everything [he] does is bigger than [him],” and now is our time to attest to that.

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Image Source: Single Artwork Courtesy of Simon Jones PR, edited by The Honey POP

We’re so excited to see what Louies do between now and Faith In The Future releasing on November 11th, and you can believe that The Honey POP will be right there with you. Because we believe in Louis Tomlinson with every fiber of our being, and we wholeheartedly believe in the power of fans in this industry. When he first teased ‘Bigger Than Me,’ he said “This one is for all of you. Now that it’s out, on behalf of Louies, we can say that this next bit Louis… this next bit is all for you.

When he first teased ‘Bigger Than Me,’ he said “This one is for all of you!” and now that it’s out, on behalf of Louies, we can say that this next bit Louis… this next bit is all for you.

What song on Faith In The Future have you claimed? Which of the 702 colored presses of the album vinyl have you pre-ordered? What the hell was “369?” What does ‘Bigger Than Me’ mean to you? We wake up thinking about Louis Tomlinson, and we go to bed thinking about Louis Tomlinson. We’d love to share that with you. Come and chat with us on our socials. Our posts are a safe space to trend #BiggerThanMe, and always will be! Hit us up on the bird app @thehoneypop or visit us on Facebook and Instagram.

Come hang in our bee hive and simp about Louis all day long, on our Discord too!


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