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An Ode To Louis Tomlinson: Faith In Louis

An Ode To Louis Tomlinson: Faith In Louis

Two things you should know about The Honey POP: 1) We love Louis Tomlinson with every fiber of our being, and 2) We truly believe in the power of fans. Luckily for all of us, Louis is his fans’ biggest cheerleader. Always reminding us just how much we all mean to him, and how much he appreciates the support we all give him, Louis Tomlinson never fails to make us feel part of his journey. Louis writes for himself, and he writes for all of us. His words whether in song, or online, are a constant comfort. They make us feel valued, seen and appreciated. They give us “Faith In The Future,” so we decided it was time to return the favor!
So without further ado, this is an ode* to Louis Tomlinson.

*[a poem in which a person expresses a strong feeling of love or respect for someone or something.]

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Faith In Louis

It’s time to celebrate our Donny King Louis,
It’s a love that is hard to narrate.
You gave us Walls, which we then climbed,
and you’re obsessed with the number twenty eight.

Yes, we are Louies, now and forever,
With pride, love, faith and… stress.
Yes, being your fan is the best job in the world,
We’ve never been so ‘Defenceless.

You’ve been our sunshine for 11 years,
You’ve been our ‘Habit’ and you’ve been our light.
In the dark times, the highs and the passing of years,
“We’re still the kings of the Friday night.”

“How’s everyone doing?” Always checking on us,
You give us hope when you are online.
You lot read into things too much,”
Okay then mate, then explain “369!”

Faith In The Future,” you did instruct,
When the world stopped, to protect and to grieve.
Your words give comfort to so many each day,
As you said in Helene’s book… “Believe.”

And so you took us Away From Home this year,
A festival you’d always wanted to do.
The first gig back, free tickets for fans,
You’ve always made this “feel like home,” Lou.

We’re sat waiting patiently for your world tour,
To see you on stage, with your eyes glowing.
So if Covid ruins it, we’ll move into a cave,
It’s been the one thing keeping us going.

This year saw the return of Football Louis,
You lost your new Galaxy as England scored.
And in other news, the livestream gig from last year,
Even earned you a Guinness World Record!

Your independent era also entered the chat,
After so many years in this industry.
So it’s no shock Louie’s went postal when you,
Announced that you’d joined BMG!

This year’s merch game was thoughtful and new,
Some fans even got notes, so sincere.
Merch drops galore, and your smiley even changed,
And now our jewelry can open our beer!

So many collabs you have done for good causes,
For Isabella’s Sign Of The Week, you did “singer.”
And for Tom and Marcus over on Full Time Meals,
You couldn’t chop a tomato or cook a fish finger.

You’re back in the studio and writing your album,
What an adventure leading up to LT2.
First: ‘Hey There Delilah.’ Last: ‘Only The Brave,’
Louis Tomlinson, it really was ‘Always You.’

So we couldn’t imagine a person more suited,
To nurture new artists as they grow.
A management company you set as your aim,
All together now – “Go Tommo Go!”

Some honorable mentions for the good that you’ve done,
Like with the break in of Maruja Band’s van.
And the love that you showed Noah Cosby this year,
It’s truly a privilege to be your fan.

But let’s get serious now, for just a second,
We’ve got a bone to pick, which is rare.
You broke the internet and we’ll never forgive,
When you chopped off your long lockdown hair.

This year we celebrated one year of Walls,
The album was sent straight from heaven.
Congrats from us all, with love from your fans,
And best wishes from your old pal “Kevin!

Louis Tomlinson, we can’t thank you enough,
You make us feel alive, you make us feel heard.
‘We Made It’ Lou, and we’ll always be here,
But for now we’ll just flip you the bird.

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Image Source: Tenor GIF

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Featured Image Source: Photographer: Joshua Halling, Edited By: Jen Southern For The Honey POP

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