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The Away From Home Festival At Home, With Louis Tomlinson

The Away From Home Festival At Home, With Louis Tomlinson

Couldn’t make it to the Away From Home Festival? Didn’t win a ticket? Still crying about it? Yeah, us too. But ‘Just Hold On,’ lovely honeybees… we had “faith in the future” that our comfort, Louis Tomlinson, would come through for us. And come through he certainly has!

Louis has just announced The Away From Home Global Streaming Event, on September 4th at 8pm BST/12pm PT, and we have finally unclenched our jaws. Teaming up once again with the lockdown gig saviors, Veeps, Louis will be bringing the festival to all of us, at home! And that’s not all! In true Louis style, he’s giving us extra. We’re talking a “Making The Festival” Mini-Documentary directed by Charlie Lightening, and the full concert including Louis’ full 70 minute headline set. Plus, on top of all of that, he’s chucking in some post show backstage access! Honestly, this man. If there’s a way to appreciate, love, and support his fans, chances are Louis Tomlinson is already doing it!

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Just picture it. The field is alight from the glow of Louis’ smiley face on the stage screen, illuminating the faces of the Louies that sprinkle the grass, as the sun softly sets over Crystal Palace Park, London. The stage lights dip, his silhouette appears, the bass kicks in, and we hear “I’ve missed you all!” Okay, we’re crying again. Wanna cry with us? Well then, settle in with a blankie and a cup of Yorkshire tea, and light your best manifesting candles, as we chat all about our hopes for the Away From Home Festival Global Streaming Event!

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Happy Louis. Happy Louies.

It’s been a brutal year. It’s been lonely, it’s been scary and it’s been sad. But a constant throughout it, for so many of us, has been Louis. So, more than anything else on this list, we want to see Louis happy. We want to see our sunshine stand on that stage, look out at his friends and fans, and feel like his heart could burst with pride. ‘We Made It’ Lou! We’re finally getting back to celebrating live music, and we’re so happy that for so many people, the first gig back is going to be with our Louis, whether at the gig, or from home in our PJs!

“A lot of people have had [a] tough time through Covid, so I, I wanted to feel like I were giving something back. I do want to take this moment just to be like, yano, “thanks for everything.” It’s just a combination of thank you to the fans, but also, yano, I wanted to get in on that feeling, of us all together in the same room, with the same like, intention. (…) That moment when I first walk out on stage, coz I have longed for that moment, and I hope they have also been waiting for that moment.”

Louis, in his streaming event announcement video.

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We have Louis. We have been waiting for you. We’ve longed for it too. We’re so excited to see Louis back on stage, singing, laughing, doing his little point to the sky and tummy touch move, and potentially, flipping us off. Please sir, that’s all we want. We’re so excited to see the “Making The Festival” mini-documentary, which we imagine is gonna get pretty emotional! Plus we’re going to get to experience the post-show euphoria in the backstage access part of the stream. We just can’t wait to see Louis smile. When Louis Tomlinson smiles, Louies smile with him, and if Louis is happy, we are happy. We can’t wait to get to share that with Lou.

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The Set List

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Please hear us out. We want the entirety of the masterpiece that is Walls, plus a few One Direction bangers to hug our souls, and a cover song or two (just imagine, a rockier version of ‘Hey There Delilah!’). Then we’re gonna need ‘Copy Of A Copy Of A Copy’ on the 70 minute headliner set list. It seems like Louis promised that it will be on the set list, back in December 2020, but as we all know at this clown college, anything can happen!

And what are we actually going to do if he performs never-before-heard music? What if we get a sneaky glimpse into LT2? We know that Louis has joined BMG to release his second album, and he’s currently in the recording process… So what if… he surprises us all at The Away From Home Festival and the global streaming event? Get in everyone, we’re going clowning.

Doing it HIS Way

Louis has completely conceived and created this festival. From choosing the fellow artists who will be performing, to the staging, songs and (hopefully) snacks. Louis has called the shots throughout, and as Louies, that is music to our ears! We’re going to get to see the ins and outs of the journey, during the 30 minute fly-on-the-wall style documentary, which will follow Lou and his team, with unprecedented access. We’ll see the behind the scenes work and the planning for the festival, and we’re even gonna get to see Louis getting ready for the show on the day too! We can’t wait to see candid Louis, back doing what he loves, and we’re so happy that he’s allowing us along for the ride!

We’ve got our tickets! Have you got yours yet? Head over here to get your tickets for The Away From Home Global Streaming Event!

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We’re so excited for September 4th. Let’s set a challenge to our fellow Louies. In December 2020, the LT Livestream show was one of the biggest live stream concerts of the year, selling over 160,000 tickets to fans in over 110 countries… So how much do you reckon we can beat our own record? Let’s try for 200,000? Louis Tomlinson really is the ‘Habit’ that we can’t break, and we never want to. So let’s say #ThankYouLouis and show him just how much he means, by having the time of our lives at The Away From Home Festival, and The Away From Home Global Streaming Event. Because it doesn’t matter where we all are, when it’s Louis that is our home.

What are you manifesting for The Away From Home Global Streaming Event? What’s your dream setlist? We want, no, need to chat to you! Drop your thoughts down in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter at @thehoneypop or visit us on Facebook and Instagram.

Does your day need just a little bit more Louis? So does ours! Check out more Louis content here!


Featured Image Source: Screenshot of The Away From Home Global Streaming Event Announcement Video via Louis Tomlinson Official Instagram.

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