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4 Of aespa’s Most Stylish Music Videos

4 Of aespa’s Most Stylish Music Videos

Not only are aespa some of the most musically talented idols out there, but they’ve also become fashion icons that we always turn to for inspiration! Between their Fashion Week appearances and their brand ambassadorships, including their work with Givenchy, they’re constantly showing us amazing outfits that we can’t stop thinking about. Here are four music videos that really stand out to us thanks to the girls’ styling!


Of course, we have to start by gushing over ‘Drama!’ We seriously think these might be aespa’s best music video outfits yet. From the more simple, all-black looks in the beginning, to the grunge-esque, textured looks in the car scenes, it brings together so many amazing aesthetics that aespa totally ate up. Add in some face gems and gorgeous hair choices (hello, Winter’s red waves!) and you have an instant classic.


The ‘Savage’ music video really showcased aespa’s duality as a group, mixing bolder, darker outfits with lighter vibes courtesy of those gorgeous white and cream looks. It also gave us one of Giselle’s most iconic looks to date with those black and blue cutout pants, so we’re forever grateful. And that’s not even touching on the pink camo outfits that every K-Pop stan wishes were in their closet! 

‘Next Level’

As aespa’s first comeback, we had a lot of anticipation for ‘Next Level’ and its music video to really take the girls’ stardom to the next level. It did that and brought their fashion to the next level with it! The general dress code: sequins, beautiful bronze, leather, and moto jackets. We especially loved Ningning’s denim and black outfit, which had so many cool, edgy details. Partnered with her red hair? That’s herstory.


If you’re gonna raid an enemy’s office building secret lair, you need to do it in style. So naturally, aespa got all dressed up and ready to slay (literally) for their final showdown against Black Mamba! This video has the perfect mix of non-threatening preppy outfits to help them get into the building, and edgier looks to show off their power. One of our faves is Karina’s all-white look from the purple scene, which included stunning jewelry and violet nails to match her purple hair. It’s all in the details!

If you could raid the wardrobe department of any aespa music video set, which would you choose? Do you have a single favorite look they’ve worn in their videos? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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