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‘YOLO,’ So You Should Listen To aespa’s Drama Mini-Album ASAP

‘YOLO,’ So You Should Listen To aespa’s Drama Mini-Album ASAP

aespa are officially back to shake things up, bring some drama, break some trauma, and absolutely take over our playlists! This is truly THEIR WORLD and their fourth mini-album, Drama, is the ultimate proof of that. Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning are absolutely shining on this release, from the music and vocals to the photoshoot and aesthetics.

Our girls always nail that futuristic, dark pop sound, so we were stoked to learn that the first few songs of the mini-album sit in that lane! It kicks off with the triumphant title track, ‘Drama,’ where they insist, “I bring drama with my girls in the back… I break trauma.” It’s just as empowering as it is addictively catchy, and we love the references to past aespa songs and albums, like ‘Savage,’ ‘Girls,’ and MY WORLD. Each lyric gives off so much strength and showcases the group’s power in such a breathtaking way!

The high-octane vibes continue on the confident ‘Trick or Trick,’ which is already one of our all-time favorite aespa b-sides. “Catch me if you can, boy, now you see me, now you don’t,” they challenge a potential partner over an adrenaline-filled instrumental with standout synths. Next up is the alluring ‘Don’t Blink,’ finally getting a studio version after the girls performed it at their SYNK: HYPER LINE concert! It’s a slick fusion of cool guitars and punchy bass, giving us the group’s signature edge while also introducing a sound we haven’t really heard from them before.

But with aespa being one of the most versatile groups out there, of course they also showed us another side of their music with some more upbeat songs later on. We got to hear previews of the bouncy ‘Hot Air Balloon’ and ‘YOLO’ at aespa’s SYNK: HYPER LINE concert, and it was definitely worth the wait to hear cleaner versions. The former is an adorable love song comparing the girls’ feelings for someone to a ‘Hot Air Balloon’ soaring through the sky, while the latter is a buzzy reminder to make the most of every day, decked out with electric guitars.

The last new track on the mini-album is the breezy ‘You,’ which we think fans of ‘ICU’ will absolutely love. On the first listen, you might think it’s just a sweet love song, but it seems to be dedicated to MYs instead! aespa never fail to let fans know how much they adore us, and songs like this one really make that clear. Finally, if you’re listening to the album on streaming, you get to hear it end with ‘Better Things!’ This sunny bop has been soundtracking our lives for months and we don’t see that stopping anytime soon. 

We usually tend to avoid drama, but aespa’s Drama is something we wanna engage with constantly. It feels like each song is on a constant loop in our heads already! What about you, honeybees? Tell us your fave tracks in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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