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4 ‘Better Things’ To Do During A Breakup, Inspired By aespa

4 ‘Better Things’ To Do During A Breakup, Inspired By aespa

Is it really summertime without the perfect anthem from aespa? Nope, and that’s exactly why we’ve had MY WORLD faves like ‘Spicy’ and ‘Thirsty’ on repeat – but now we have a new bop in the form of ‘Better Things!’ This sunny track is all about knowing you deserve better than a not-so-great relationship and finding your power, co-written by the one and only RAYE. We’ve gotten to see so many shiny facets of aespa over the years, and we’re already sure this is one of our favorites. It’s so unapologetically confident and bold, which is exactly the energy you need through a breakup.

To celebrate ‘Better Things’ and its empowering messages, we’re rounding up four positive aespa-inspired activities to get you through heartbreak and back into your zone. Check out the song below, then let’s go!

Go See aespa Live

Seriously, concerts are the best medicine, and US MYs can finally see aespa live on their first global tour, SYNK : HYPER LINE! The American leg kicked off in Los Angeles earlier this month and brought a dynamic show featuring faves like ‘Illusion,’ ‘Lucid Dream,’ and ‘Spicy.’ Each member even gets a solo stage, and ‘Better Things’ is on the setlist!

We can’t think of a better escape from heartbreak than spending an evening with aespa and seeing their amazing aenergy on stage. They’re also hitting South America and Europe soon, so be sure to pick up tickets here!  

Image Source: SM Entertainment

Keep Doing You, Regardless

As aespa sang on their first English single, ‘Life’s Too Short,’ you have to keep “doing [you] regardless” of what others might think! Now’s the time to reconnect with yourself and what you love, focusing on what makes you happy. Is there a certain hobby you haven’t tried out lately? A certain cheesy movie you love that your ex wouldn’t watch with you? Pursue it on your own! It’ll keep your mind busy and bring you back to something you enjoy.

Play Tetris

Who doesn’t love a good round of Tetris? Especially if you listen to aespa’s Tetris OST, ‘Hold On Tight,’ as the soundtrack. It’s hard to think about more difficult emotions when you’re focusing on where that square will fit! If you need a little extra distraction, you could try to learn the ‘Hold On Tight’ challenge from TikTok.

@aespa_official Hold on tight for a chaotic ænergy 🌪️🫶 #aespa #æspa #에스파 #Tetris #TetrisOST #HoldOnTight ♬ Hold On Tight – aespa

Work Towards A Dream Of Yours

Funny how all ‘Dreams Come True,’ right? aespa have worked so hard over the years to debut and become one of the biggest K-Pop groups around, and it’s honestly so motivating to see how far they’ve come. A relationship takes up a lot of time, so why not use your new free time to work toward something you’ve been wanting to accomplish? Whether it’s becoming a singer or rapper like our fave aespa members, or something smaller like redecorating your room, just go for it and don’t look back.

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Image Source: SM Entertainment

What do you think of ‘Better Things?’ Do you have tickets to see aespa on their SYNK : HYPER LINE Tour? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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