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5 Zayn Songs To Get You Pumped For His Comeback

5 Zayn Songs To Get You Pumped For His Comeback

Zayn Malik is back and better than ever, baby! We couldn’t get more excited about it if we tried. Zayn came back into our lives this year with his latest single, ‘Love Like This,’ and by surprising everyone with an interview on the hit podcast, Call Her Daddy. Listen to it here! We learned so much about Zayn from this interview, and we are eternally grateful to Alex Cooper for giving us everything we needed.

Zayn started his career in the music industry in 2010 after performing on the X-Factor. After failing to go further in the competition, he was put into a band with four other failed contestants: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne. One Direction instantly took the world by storm and quickly became one of the most famous boybands in the world! Although we were all devastated when Zayn left the band, we are so happy to see him thrive on his own! We can cry about it all we want, but we can all say that his solo music makes it all worth it!

Today we will be taking a deep dive into some of our favorite tracks that he has blessed us with. Seeing as his discography is massive, beginning your Zayn Malik journey can be intimidating! That is totally okay and completely understandable! That is why we are here today. We want to make it easier for you to know where to begin! So without further ado, here are our top 5 favorite ZAYN songs:


Starting off nice and strong with the OG, the best of the best, the track everyone knows and loves: ‘PILLOWTALK.’ ‘PILLOWTALK’ was Zayn’s first solo release. Within only a few days after its release, the track broke records and topped all the charts! Ergo, we had no choice but to include it in our list!

The song is sexy, sensual, carnal, and an anthem that cannot be ignored. The way he can write a song about ✨sexy times✨ without making any of us feel uncomfortable is incredible. In fact, it makes us feel sexy and empowered in our own skin. The slow and sultry beats amplify the song’s lyrics. Sonically, the track creates a slow and seductive atmosphere that makes you want to unleash the darkest, most powerful parts of yourself. For this reason, it is a must-listen.


The track takes its name very seriously. Opening with an ethereal and dreamlike sound that is carried through each verse, the musicality couldn’t be any more fitting. It’s just so perfect. The track truly is hauntingly beautiful and captivates you from the very first second.

Zayn knows how to write lyrics that stick with you forever and stay floating around in your mind like haunting ghosts. This talent is incredibly obvious in ‘Insomnia.’ The verses are a lyrical trip through the silent thoughts and emotions that run deep within us.

‘Insomnia’ really exemplifies Zayn’s artistic development. He continues to push boundaries and explore new sounds as he progresses as an artist. This is so apparent in ‘Insomnia’ as he flawlessly blends R&B, pop, and an element of electronic atmosphere, demonstrating his versatility and willingness to experiment!


‘Unf*ckwitable’ is a track off Zayn’s third album, Nobody Is Listening, which is an album that fully embraces Zayn’s love for R&B.

Honestly, ‘Unf*ckwitable’ is a track that explains Zayn’s personality to a tee. Along with that, Zayn uses the lyrics of ‘Unfuckwitable’ to convey the idea that he won’t be controlled by anyone. Whether it be management, record labels, or the media, he has learned how to take a step back and figure out how to control his own life without their input. He has taken the time to get to know himself and realizes who deserves his time and who deserves his “cold shoulder.”

The track is nothing other than a vibe and can quite literally be played any time, any place. Not having this song in your playlists would be criminal. So, add it!

‘Dusk Till Dawn [Radio Edit]’

It’s impossible not to be taken in by the magnetic pull of ‘Dusk Till Dawn.’ The second the first notes wash over you, there’s no going back. The song can easily take over your life, and it will forever hold its place as one of your favorite songs. That’s how incredible it is!  

Zayn’s smokey vocals blend flawlessly with the musicality behind the track, resulting in harmonies so beautiful, they’ll make you cry. Their vocals twine together to release a sound of passion, transforming the lyrics into a harmony of emotions and musical beauty.

Go ahead and take a listen. We swear you won’t regret it.

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Also known as one of the best songs from Zayn’s debut album, Mind Of Mine. If you are going to add one song from this list to your playlist, it should be this one. It’s just brilliant. Few musicians have the ability to captivate people with their distinct sound and style amid the ever-changing landscape of music. Zayn is one of these rare artists. He never disappoints, and ‘LIKE I WOULD’ is certainly no exception. If anything, it only proves this to be true!

From the first notes of ‘LIKE I WOULD,’ listeners are transported into a soundscape that flawlessly merges pop, electronic, and R&B components. Zayn’s distinctive vocals soar effortlessly over a backdrop of a deep, pulsating bass riff before the energy picks up and hits you with a chorus you want to dance and scream-sing to.

Extra bonus! To make ourselves feel better, we can think of the track as an evolved version of ‘I Would’ by One Direction. Zayn, if you’re reading this, let us tell you that we are in L-O-V-E with ‘LIKE I WOULD.’

All we have to say is that you’re welcome. You’re welcome for us forcing Zayn on you, and you’re welcome for us making your life better by doing so! Seriously, though, we hope this list helped you out!

It is now time for you to take it upon yourself to choose some more of your fave songs! Let us know which tracks you find, and if you’re already a ZAYN stan, then let us know which songs we left off this list. We would love to hear all your thoughts! Buzz on over to our Facebook and Instagram, or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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