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True R&B Realness: Aliah Sheffield Is Ready To Talk About The Human Experience

True R&B Realness: Aliah Sheffield Is Ready To Talk About The Human Experience

We are constantly inspired to keep going, no matter what life throws at us. Music can motivate us to move forward. Aliah Sheffield knows that feeling too well. After pouring her soul into her successful single ‘Earth Is Ghetto,’ Aliah has created a deep EP titled These Songs Are For Anyone Sick Of Earth. We have been listening to this phenomenal project since its release date, and we truly can’t get enough of Aliah’s artistry!

We were lucky enough to sit down at her press conference to learn more about her inspirations and her songwriting. Aliah’s energy is absolutely precious, and we loved getting to know her creative process and her journey. From posting covers and original songs on YouTube to releasing such a meaningful EP.

The Importance Of Creating Meaningful Music

Aliah is an artist that puts her entire heart into creating songs that mean something to her. These Songs Are For Anyone Sick Of Earth is full of tracks that talk about the hard task of surviving.

This EP is an overall sum of the human experience. It’s a whole EP about trying to be human in a very chaotic world.

Aliah Sheffield

Although Aliah has written many songs throughout her career, she wanted to choose the correct ones for this EP, making her a bit more self-critical about her repertoire. She is always open to gaining inspiration from anywhere: from listening to her favorite artists or from enjoying things such as articles or Marvel movies. This has helped her write about different personal themes for this EP, such as anxiety and letting go of alcohol. We’re so proud of Aliah for showcasing her vulnerability through these songs.

The Visual Experience Of Her EP

We can talk for hours about our favorite music videos, and Aliah’s visuals for this project have blown us away. ‘Boo Boo The Fool’ and ‘Earth Is Ghetto’ share the same protagonists, tying the stories together and giving different meanings to her lyrics.

This visual storyline has to be one of our favorites this year! Not only we loved the connections between the videos, but we also saw some details that immediately caught our attention. For example, at the beginning of the ‘Boo Boo The Fool’ video, we see the little girl (the protagonist of both videos) doodling while lying down next to some detailed artwork.

We asked Aliah if these hidden details are meant to have deeper meanings within her songs, and she told us that she loves to give freedom to her listeners to see what they can come up with.

I like to give people the chance to make up their own minds about what they think it means.

Aliah Sheffield

Aliah created an incredible storyline that joins her vulnerable lyrics with a beautiful visual narrative. We definitely recommend you check her music videos out!

Aliah Is The Future Of R&B!

We love R&B and we have been sharing Aliah’s EP with everyone! Aliah told us that “we’re experiencing a renaissance of this genre,” and we couldn’t agree more. We have been enjoying so many new R&B releases, and These Songs Are For Anyone Sick Of Earth is one of them. Aliah’s emotional lyrics have made this release stand out to us the most.

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I think my music brings more of a storytelling element to R&B.

Aliah Sheffield

We can’t wait to enjoy more of Aliah’s music in the future! Until then, we will keep treasuring her EP and thinking that we will be able to survive the apocalypse thanks to her.

Have you been listening to These Songs Are For Anyone Sick Of Earth? What’s your favorite song from the project? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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