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Eli Derby Will Make It Onto Your Playlist With More Than Friends!

Eli Derby Will Make It Onto Your Playlist With More Than Friends!

The moment we clicked play to check out Eli Derby‘s More Than Friends, we knew we were in for an amazing ride! His newest project has been on repeat since its release. More Than Friends brings us along the journey of falling in love, being friend-zoned, and everything in between. We love how we can vibe with these eight tracks and see Eli’s lyrics evolve verse to verse!


my new project “More Than Friends” is out now, what’s your favorite so far? #fyp#viral

♬ original sound – Eli Derby

More Than Friends is an incredible EP, and Eli Derby is a perfect addition to your R&B playlists. It’s amazing from top to bottom. It includes so many details, from Eli’s voice to the production beats that fit perfectly to each song. Here are our favorite songs that we can’t stop looping!


Meeting someone after not seeing them for a long time has to be unforgettable, and this track defines those experiences. There are so many things we love from ‘up:’ The layering of the production and the background vocals, the guitar solo, the catchy pre-chorus… We had to stop in our tracks to take in and enjoy every single detail!


This song was one of the singles that Eli dropped before the release of More Than Friends, and it pictures the feeling of falling for someone. They’re unique to you, and there’s nobody else that could make you feel the way they do. It features so many amazing vocal moments from Eli, and you can truly admire the maturity in his voice throughout the track. Also, we’re getting a music video for the track soon! We can’t wait to keep on recommending this song to everyone!


We all had that time when we checked our phones all night, fearing that we might miss an important text from our loved ones to make amends with them. ‘3am’ fits this mood like a glove, and it features some of our favorite lyrics from this EP, like “Before the sun starts risin’, I should stop checkin’ my phone for your name…” We can keep listening to Eli’s vocal runs for a long time, and we’re so thankful this song can capture those sleepless nights.

‘not the same’

This closing track is a 10/10 song to close More Than Friends, as it finishes with that bitter feeling of not being on the same page with someone. What happened? How can you go from missing someone so much to not missing them at all? ‘not the same’ brings those questions into light, with Eli’s heart-felt vocals and amazing beats, especially during the outro.

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What’s your favorite track from Eli Derby’s More Than Friends? Let us know in the comments below, or share your thoughts on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

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