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Binge-Worthy Buzz: What’s Buzzing On TV This Week?

Binge-Worthy Buzz: What’s Buzzing On TV This Week?

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Hello there, honeybees, to our weekly meeting here at Binge-Worthy Buzz. If you’re new here, welcome! This is THP’s series about what’s buzzing in the land of movies and TV shows. Shall we check out what’s up this week?


Kicking off the list with an Apple TV+ comedy show that’s just come back for its second season. Acapulco follows Máximo Gallardo, a young man who gets a dream job at an Acapulco resort named Las Colinas. But that’s only part of the story. Young Máximo is working at the resort and dreaming of running it in the 80s, but older Máximo also makes an appearance in present day.

In the 80s, Máximo is working as a pool boy at Las Colinas and thinking he has the job of his dreams and a mentor who’s going to lead him into running the resort one day. Everything is fine, until things start to go sideways and Máximo realizes the truth about working at Las Colinas. Meanwhile, in present day, Máximo is a successful man living in Malibu who doesn’t really talk about his past in Acapulco. That is, until his old mentor’s death, which makes him go back to Las Colinas and confront some ghosts from the past.


Wild Crime

You know we had to add one for the true crime lovers, and this week, it’s Wild Crime. The second season of the show just dropped on Hulu, and you can bet we’ll be binge-watching it.

The premise of the show is pretty simple: special agents investigate crimes that have happened in the National Park System. Season one focuses on the investigation of Harold Henthorn after his wife’s passing (which took place at the Rocky Mountain National Park.) Season two, however, follows the investigation of what appeared to be a cold case, but had new evidence surface nearly 40 years later.

El Encargado

The main character of El Encargado is Eliseo, a superintendent at a first-class building who has a thing for abusing the power given to him by the residents of said building. That both refers to using his position to get his way and also slightly manipulating circumstances and some of the people who live there.

Eliseo seems honest and quiet, but underneath that facade is a mastermind that would rival Taylor Swift, if we’re being honest. He knows everything there is to know about his neighbors; but most of all, he knows how to use that information in a thrilling game of cat and mouse that ends with him winning every round. This building is like a small kingdom, and Eliseo acts like the king. El Encargado started streaming this week on Hulu.

Pink Lie

One of the oldest questions out there is “Does unconditional love exist?” And a new Hulu reality show is attempting to answer that. Pink Lie sees four men and three women moving into the Pink House, but they’re not there being 100% themselves. Each of them got there carrying a lie about their true selves.

They could be lying about their academic background, their job, their age, or anything. And their goal is to find a partner who sees them for who they truly are. As relationships develop inside the Pink House, the truth about their true selves starts to come out, but can love survive the reality of who these people really are? Pink Lie is currently streaming on Hulu.

Stars at Noon

The main character: an American journalist played by Margaret Qualley. The setting: present-day Nicaragua. The romantic interest: an Englishman played by Joe Alwyn. Those are the main players in the 2022 movie Stars at Noon. Based on a 1986 novel of the same name, the movie follows Trish (the journalist) in her attempt to get out of Nicaragua.

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Somewhere down the line, she meets Daniel (the Englishman,) who seems to be her best chance of getting out of there. Little does she know, her affair with Daniel might actually put them in more danger than she’s already in. Follow this lovely couple on their journey on October 28, when the movie drops on Hulu.

Press Play

Yes, folks, the day has finally arrived when we’re talking about a time travel movie. But different from other movies, like Back to the Future and About Time, this time the thing that makes the time travel possible is a mixtape. Specifically, a mixtape shared by what seems to be the perfect couple.

Laura and Harrison meet and fall in love over their shared love of music. Everything is going great for them until it isn’t anymore. And it’s in that moment of pure sadness that Laura discovers that the mixtape she shares with Harrison gives her the ability to travel back in time, and possibly save Harrison’s life. Press Play starts streaming on October 27 on Hulu.

And this concludes this week’s Binge-Worthy Buzz. We hope you’ve enjoyed sitting down with us for this little chat, and if you did, please tell us about it! You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram.


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