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Binge-Worthy Buzz: What’s New On Hulu?

Binge-Worthy Buzz: What’s New On Hulu?

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Welcome back, dear honeybees, to a new edition of Binge-Worthy Buzz, our weekly series where we give you a new list of things to watch every week. This week, a lot of new stuff came out on Hulu, so let’s get started on that, shall we?


Everyone here has heard at least thirty versions of the Shakespearian classic Romeo & Juliet, right? Or at least we listened to Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story.’ But you know what’s one character from that play we haven’t really heard a lot about? Rosaline. Yeah, we’re talking about the girl Romeo was in love with before he immediately forgot her when he saw Juliet.

Seeing that blank space in the story, Hulu decided to bring us Rosaline, a series that follows Romeo’s ex as she plans to spoil the new couple’s happiness and win back Romeo. Oh, and did we mention that Rosaline is Juliet’s cousin? Talk about awkward family reunions! The show’s already available on Hulu.


What happens when a mysterious woman is apparently responsible for burning a man to death and then disappears into thin air (literally?) Well, in Grid‘s case, the son of that man grows up and joins a government mission to hunt down that woman. And why is she so special? Well, she’s the one who invented the technology keeping humanity alive for over two decades – the Grid.

We know there are lots of questions going through your head right now. How was this woman gone for 25 years? Why did she create the Grid, kill a man, and then disappear? How did she vanish into the air? Well, we don’t know, but the good news is we can find out on Hulu! The show has been available for about a week now and we’re in love with it!


Going back home after a traumatic event is supposed to be a relaxing experience for Laura Birch, but then we wouldn’t have a movie to talk about, would we? After nearly losing her life, Laura goes back home at the invitation of her mother (to whom she isn’t that close) to go back to the small village she grew up in.

But her peace is short-lived and she soon finds out there’s a dark secret hiding in this village. And not only are all her neighbors and mother in on it, it also has to do with Laura’s own destiny. No pressure at all, huh? Matriarch will be available on Hulu on October 21.

The Hair Tales

We love a good celebration of love, diversity, and women in general. That’s where The Hair Tales came in and stole our hearts. This docuseries is all about celebrating Black women’s history and identity through the history of their hair.

The six main “characters,” so to speak, are Issa Rae, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, CHIKA, Marsai Martin, Chloe Bailey, and Oprah Winfrey. During each episode, these incredible women tell their hair tales to the wonderful Tracee Ellis Ross. All that surrounded by academic leaders, hairdressers, and more! The series starts streaming on October 22 on Hulu.


Everybody loves the 90s! But what if it were a different version of the 90s? In Wyrm we see an alternate reality where schools have a very unique method of deciding who passes to the next grade and who gets held back: their first kiss. Yep, in this world, students wear an electronic collar that only come off after their first kiss.

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That’s the scenario in which we meet Wyrm, an awkward teen who hasn’t kissed anyone yet and is at risk of being held back for it. The movie follows Wyrm as he desperately tries to get his first kiss and grow up along with his peers. Wyrm drops on Hulu on October 21.

We have, unfortunately, reached the end of our Binge-Worthy Buzz! We hope you’ve enjoyed our choices, and if you did, please come talk to us about it! We’ll love to hear from you. You can find us on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

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