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Binge-Worthy Buzz: Spooky Season Has Arrived!

Binge-Worthy Buzz: Spooky Season Has Arrived!

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Happy Spooky Season, honeybees! How are you? Have you had your first pumpkin spice anything yet? Do you have your costume? Sorry, we’re rambling, let’s get to the point: what are you going to watch during this month of October? Lucky for you, we have quite a few suggestions lined up on today’s Binge-Worthy Buzz!

Hocus Pocus 2

Are you surprised we’re starting the first Binge-Worthy Buzz of October with Hocus Pocus 2? The long-awaited return of the Sanderson sisters had to be the thing opening this list. 29 years after the sisters’ last time in Salem, they are brought back a second time. This time, it’s a young witch who’s responsible for the trio’s return. Well… partially responsible, you’ll get it when you watch it. Now, they’re back to running amok in Salem, singing, dancing and bewitching us all.

The public response to the movie, which is currently available on Disney+, has been amazing! This has been Disney+’s number one domestic premiere since the platform’s launch. As in, everyone is watching it and loving it. So, if you want to get into the spooky mood fit for this month, definitely check out both Hocus Pocus and Hocus Pocus 2.


*First of all, here’s your trigger warning because this movie has mentions of self-harm. If this negatively affects you, we strongly recommend you skip this one.*

Okay but what would happen if a meme came to life and started terrifying people? That’s the basic premise of Grimcutty. What started as an internet meme meant to just be scary on screen starts causing panic among parents, who believe it to be responsible for making their kids harm themselves.

Well, as it turns out the meme has a real-life version who starts attacking a teenager named Asha Chaudry. Her parents don’t believe it’s an actual monster doing this to her, and neither does anyone else. Her mission now is to make them believe the truth and also stop Grimcutty before he does this to anyone else. This is a Hulu original movie and will be available for streaming on October 10th if you feel like watching a new horror movie!

Abominable and the Invisible City

Do you remember the adorable DreamWorks animated movie Abominable from 2019? What if we told you the movie is now getting a sequel series? Abominable and the Invisible City shows our brave heroes Yi, Jin, and Peng discovering a brand new (and magical) world after the events of the movie.

After the trio helps their yeti friend find his family, they go back home and find out their own city is filled with magical beings! And just like their yeti friend, these creatures also need their help. And if you thought we’d seen the last of Everest, you thought wrong! He’s also there to help the kids on all their extraordinary adventures! The first season is currently available on Hulu for streaming.

Impact X Nightline

Impact X Nightline takes ABC News’ correspondents away from the studios we’re used to seeing them in and putting them in the middle of the stories they tell. Some of them we know of and are desperate to know more about, and some we haven’t even heard of yet.

You could say we’ll see the impact these stories have on our world. That’s because the people featured aren’t big names, they’re ordinary people affected by the way the world is today. The first episode drops on Hulu on October 6th, with new ones coming each week!


“IMPACT x Nightline” – the first weekly #streaming #news magazine. New episodes drop every Thursday. Premieres October 6 only on @Hulu. #ImpactOnHulu

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binge-worthy buzz

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Closing the first BWB of October, we have another ghost story. Surreal Estate is exactly what the name implies, a series about haunted places. Specifically, homes inhabited by restless spirits. But how are these homes all over the show? Well, the main character on SurrealEstate is Luke Roman, a property broker who always stumbles upon those haunted places. He has a connection to the spiritual realm and uses it to negotiate with the spirits.

The first season comes to Hulu on October 6th and has ten episodes filled with ghostly adventures and “metaphysically engaged” properties (that’s Luke’s way of referring to haunted houses.) Also, Luke is played by Tim Rozon, so that’s definitely a good reason to watch the show!

And this concludes this week’s Binge-Worthy Buzz! We hope you’ve enjoyed our picks and if you did, tell us about it by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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