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Ellise Threw The Pity Party Of Our Dreams With ‘Black Balloons’

Ellise Threw The Pity Party Of Our Dreams With ‘Black Balloons’

We’re mega fans of Ellise and after hearing ‘Black Balloons,’ we’re sure you will be too. Pinky promise! Ellise is a Los Angeles-based artist, producer, and the princess of dark pop. Unfortunately, we were a little late to the party and became obsessed with Ellise following the release of her album Chaotic in 2021, but she has been penning dark tales for years. We can’t let the rest of you go without her any longer!

Ellise moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of music full-time. In 2018 she self-released a series of singles, including ‘Love Made Me Do It,’ ‘Fight,’ and ‘Pinky Promise’ (see what we did there!) They were released before her EP Can You Keep A Secret alongside our personal favorite ‘Nightmares.’

She continued to stun with her cryptically beautiful and sometimes twisted discography. A year later, she followed up her EP with Under My Bed, which featured the run-away single ‘Lillith.’ Shortly after, Ellise began working with EMPIRE Distribution and gave us her freakishly gorgeous album Chaotic. This is where our love story with Ellise began (and will surely never stop.)

Which before we dive into our main topic, we feel it’s our duty as Ellise stans to give you our Chaotic recommendations. Although the entire album is a masterpiece, our top three are ‘Bubblegum Brain,’ ‘Zipperlips!,’ and ‘Feeling Something Bad…’. Now she’s back with her first release in almost a year after she left us on read with ‘Soul Sucker, Pt.2’, the iconic team-up with MOTHICA and DeathbyRomy. It’s okay, we forgive you!

‘Black Balloons’ is a woeful take on birthdays and the dread that can come alongside the celebrations. Ellise calls the track “the perfect metaphor for what was going on inside her brain” when she wrote it and brought it to life by inviting us to a wicked birthday party. Described as “a hectic and deranged mental state of losing track of reality and delusion,” Ellise artfully brings the sad feeling of birthday eve into words. We’d let her serenade us every birthday if we could!

If you ask us, ‘Black Balloons’ was the perfect present and the best way to end the spooky season. We haven’t stopped streaming! Ellise has once again proved why she’s a dark pop icon, and we’re sure the new music she has planned this fall will be killer. Take a listen to ‘Black Balloons’ for yourself and let us know what you think! You can also find it on Spotify.

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We gave you a lot of recommendations, and now we’re curious: what are your top Ellise tracks? Tell us on Twitter @thehoneypop or in the comments below. Then find us on Instagram or Facebook and tell us your dream Ellise collab. Personally, we’re rooting for a Nessa Barrett collab, but that might just be stan bias!


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