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Our Look At Kihyun’s First Mini Album, YOUTH

Our Look At Kihyun’s First Mini Album, YOUTH


Kihyun is back with his first-ever solo comeback and his first-ever mini album! Monebebe, we are truly a blessed fandom. We’re nowhere close to being over VOYAGER yet, and now we’ve gotten YOUTH, another excellently crafted album! 

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“YOUTH is about my current perspective on my youth and my determination as a solo artist. The lyrics include the things I want to tell myself, both in the past and present. Even though this album is my personal story after 7 years as an artist, I think many people can relate to my emotions because everyone reflects on their youth at some point in time.”

Kihyun on YOUTH

Not only does Kihyun explore new avenues vocally, but he also collaborated with Hyungwon and Joohoney on several tracks as well. Okay, we all know why we’re here, so let’s get into the breakdown of Kihyun’s latest release, YOUTH!


“I want to be happy without trying so hard”

No one talk to us; we’re busy listening to this song at full volume on repeat. From the bright energy of the arrangement to the sentimental and encouraging lyrics, Kihyun delivered one of the best title tracks of 2022.

Check out his live performance on 1theK if you’re like us and are already obsessed with this song!

‘Bad Liar’

“I know, I’m losin’ all control”

The collaboration Monbebes everywhere are losing their mind over, and rightfully so. Hyungwon wrote, composed, and arranged this absolute masterpiece. It’s a track that discusses the desire to break up but still sometimes feeling they want to stay together. Kihyun does perfect justice to this song with his powerful vocals, and we can’t get enough. 


“You’re my shinin’ stardust”

We never knew we needed a song with such a magical title from Kihyun, but we’re beyond glad it exists in the world now. ‘STARDUST’ has a retro dance-track feel to it that you can’t help but move to. Seriously, Kihyun gifted monbebe a no-skip album!

‘Where Is This Love’

“When you say that you’re in love, it’s empty”

A full English song, ‘Where Is This Love,’ brings a simple piano intro paired with his soft vocals and melancholy lyrics. Another incredible song from Hyugwon which is inspired by the movie Closer! One thing we’ve always admired about Kihyun is his stunning ability to pour so much emotion into his delivery. He can hit impossibly high notes, then switch to a whisper that gives you chills. He’s versatile, he’s talented, and he is the Yoo Kihyun. 

‘’Cause of You’

“I just wanna be with you, that’s all I want”

Okay, we adore this jazzy track for a lot of reasons, and of course, one of them is Joohoney’s surprise appearance! This easy-listening song is perfect for listening to if you need to boost your mood. ‘’Cause of You’ is serotonin in sound-wave form, so go press play now!

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“It is really meaningful that I can share my story to all my fans through my music. I hope you will fully enjoy all the songs and stories I’ve shared with you through this album! Thank you!”

Kihyun on YOUTH

Kihyun’s MONSTA X members, of course, are just as big of fans of his music as Monbebe are. Watch them react to the ‘Youth’ MV!

It wasn’t too long ago that Kihyun released his first single album, VOYAGER, and now we have another piece of musical art from him to add to the collection already! Once again, he’s proven exactly why he is called The God Of K-Pop. 

Need more MONSTA X? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you!

Monbebe, which tracks from YOUTH are your favorites? Let us know in the comments, tweet us @TheHoneyPop or leave a comment on our Instagram!



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