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JOOHONEY Is The Only Light We Need

JOOHONEY Is The Only Light We Need


What happens when a Monsta X member ventures into a solo career? Here’s what: beautiful and positive energy fills every old and new Monbebe due to the number of musical bops these solo releases bring out. With JOOHONEY dropping his first mini-album, LIGHTS, we assert there’s plenty of hype and positivity that comes with his music.

We know JOOHONEY has previously released a number of mixtapes, and participated in OSTs and collaborations, and after years (8 to be precise) we can finally celebrate his solo debut.

My solo album is finally out in the world after long waited eight years! I feel truly happy and excited to share the music filled with my honest emotions. The album itself shows my color the best and I believe MONBEBE would like it as well. I hope this album could serve as the key and light that opens up this desolate world.

JOOHONEY on his solo debut LIGHTS

Image Source: Courtesy of STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT

We have heard the rapper say the words “Be happy, stay happy” enough times to have them engraved in our minds with his voice echoing every time. His album is giving us that same energy, and we love it.

Starting with the title, LIGHTS already brings an invisible yet bright glow to JOOHONEY’s solo debut. Very hopeful, don’t you think? But make no mistakes, this drop isn’t light, it is filled with uplifting and energizing vibes. This is, after all, Monsta X’s rapper, who is always full of admirable powerful energy whenever he takes on the stage. And his wish to bring smiles and joy to fans is always present.

In the spirit of taking a better look at LIGHTS and exploring its vibes, let us have a look at what kind of feelings we get from the tracks.

Listen to LIGHTS here.

JOOHONEY Knows Exactly How To Hype Us Up

From its very title, ‘Hype Energy’ already has JOOHONEY’s vibe written all over it. Its beginning sounds like a round-up call, only to become the rapper’s playground to showcase his passion and talent. Way to open up the album, right? We can feel the power and tireless energy of this particular Monsta.

Jumping onto ‘Voice,’ we are clapping and chanting from the first seconds. “This is the vibe, UH” certainly has our thoughts and feelings summed up. Do you also get that rush of immense energy running through you? Can’t be just us. This whole track is a hype song, and it has our full support to go and capture as many people as possible to bring them all the positive energy to get fired up.

“My Way, ‘Cause Nobody Can Take It / Feel My Freedom”

We need to talk about the main star song of this album, namely ‘FREEDOM.’ There’s a lot happening in this one, and we don’t just mean its music video. The title track starts off gently, peacefully, and still quite powerfully. Then, the rap drops, reminding us we are in the presence of a very talented artist who can pull it all.

We get drawn to the rhythm and inspiring lyrics about being true to one’s self and finding freedom. We are saying it: this needs to be recognized as a hit ASAP. The artistry, the message, the delivery, the rapping, the vocals: how can it not be?

JOOHONEY truly showcases a whole new side and style with his solo work. While it feels like him, it also gives us a different kind of music, and we have been swept away by it. Truly, no one can hold him back from expressing his true self, and no one should.

Quality Music Surprises Until The End

Here’s another tricky song with a diverse sound to it. Yes, we are talking about ‘Evolution.’ What we expected from the short snippet in the album preview was a full-out anime-themed atmosphere. However, at first listen this song reminded us of a drama OST, which transitions into that epic anime vibe we had expected. As if it didn’t have a grand sound already, JOOHONEY also added rap parts to make it complete. With such a powerful final version, it is impossible not to feel the inspiring message that ‘Evolution’ relays.

We thought the surprises were over, but JOOHONEY had more in his arsenal. ‘Monologue’ is a collaboration with singer-songwriter GSoul, and it has a very particular trait that you catch on to as soon as the song starts. Yes, it’s the jazzy tunes that make this such a soulful piece to sway to while enjoying the artists’ performance.

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Time to wrap up LIGHTS and what a way to do it. ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ is so JOOHONEY! We can’t help but get reminded of some of his other songs with similar atmospheres or messages made for his group activities with Monsta X, such as ‘Love You (사랑한다)’ and ‘IT’S ALRIGHT.’ Moreover, a song that has the fandom in mind when creating it is a sure bop. Such music pieces are precious on a whole different level, and we treasure them as they are meant to.

Even when I’m older, when I listen to this track, I will think of all the moments I spent together with MONBEBE.

JOOHONEY about ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’

Image Source: Courtesy of STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT

Honeys, how are we feeling about JOOHONEY’s solo debut? What are your favorite songs from LIGHTS? We always want to hear from you and you can find us buzzing on our TwitterFacebook, and Instagram! Come drop by, we don’t sting, wink wink.

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