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Monsta X Just Gave Us A REASON To Celebrate The Start Of 2023: A Track By Track

Monsta X Just Gave Us A REASON To Celebrate The Start Of 2023: A Track By Track

If you don’t stan this group already, what are you doing? Monsta X just gave you the perfect REASON to begin your Monbebe era, thanks to their brand new mini album.

Following on from Shape Of Love and a 2022 filled with touring, Monsta X are starting 2023 in the best way possible! REASON is their twelfth mini-album, and it’s giving us everything we need to get through January. The storytelling of this album is incredible, especially as it’s just six tracks, and we’re here to break it down for you!

Image Source: OfficialMonstaX on Twitter

‘Beautiful Liar’

REASON‘s title track is ‘Beautiful Liar.’ The song is simultaneously exactly what you’d expect and something brand new from the group. It’s classic Monsta X in that it’s relentlessly energetic (and we already know it will make for a 10/10 live performance), but it’s also a new evolution of their sound, with grunge-inspired production and electric guitar that pulls your attention throughout the song.

The music video for ‘Beautiful Liar’ is every Monbebe’s dream, thanks to its slick cinematography, choreography, and (of course) styling. It wouldn’t be a Monsta X comeback without some elite-tier tailoring, would it?

What we love most of all about ‘Beautiful Liar,’ and all of REASON, is that Monsta X has once again leveled up their input in this album. Joohoney, Hyungwon, and I.M all participated in the writing and producing of multiple songs, including the lyrics for the title track!


REASON unpacks the tumultuous feelings that come with being in a precarious, and perhaps toxic, relationship and each of the b-sides shows us a new twist in the tale. First up after ‘Beautiful Liar’ is ‘Daydream,’ a tempting track that lures you (and us!) in. The enchanting world-building and the Great Gatsby reference in the lyrics have us dying to see it on stage. Imagine what they could do with a live performance of this one!

Image Source: OfficialMonstaX on Twitter


The third track is ‘Crescendo’ and is the perfect example of Monsta X’s hard-hitting image and reminds us of their energy in their rookie years! The absolute highlight of this song, though, is the genre-blending. Writer, composer, and producer Joohoney intertwines geomungo and taepyeongso – two traditional Korean instruments – with drill. We love this song as the perfect example of Monsta X’s global identity. They can do it all!


Up next is ‘LONE RANGER,’ co-written by Joohoney, Hyungwon, and I.M and co-produced by Hyungwon. This song is another one we’d love to see on stage – that western influence has got us thinking about cowboy boots. ‘LONE RANGER’ is one of our vocal standouts on REASON, and we couldn’t be more obsessed with Kihyun and Minhyuk’s high ranges here. Catch us singing “Darling, let me take you home” over and over again.

Image Source: OfficialMonstaX on Twitter


The penultimate song is ‘Deny,’ a slower R&B track about inevitable emotions. Although it’s a softer song, it’s a really pivotal moment in the storytelling of REASON and really showcases Monsta X’s versatility. Changkyun AKA I.M wrote, composed, and produced this one, and the rapline really shine here.


The album closer is ‘IT’S ALRIGHT,’ and, well, it’s more than alright. REASON closes with really bright energy, but it’s a classic plot twist. The Joohoney-produced pop track is upbeat but tells the story of a “coward” unable to get over a breakup and just pretending everything is fine.

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Monsta X really proved that they can do it all on REASON! Don’t believe us? Listen to the album on loop and let ‘IT’S ALRIGHT’ transition into ‘Beautiful Liar,’ then come back and talk to us. The storytelling and diversity on this album are next level. We love to see a group continue to push themselves eight years into their career!

What are your thoughts on Monsta X’s REASON? Got a favorite track already? Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or we’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

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