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Monsta X Continue Spoiling Monbebe By Announcing SHAPE of LOVE Mini Album

Monsta X Continue Spoiling Monbebe By Announcing SHAPE of LOVE Mini Album

We really, truly, can’t believe we’re saying this again: Monsta X are making a comeback! Do these guys ever rest? Monbebe have to be one of the most spoiled fandoms out there, and we’re certainly not gonna complain about it. Monsta X have announced their brand new mini-album SHAPE of LOVE, and we seriously can’t believe our luck.

It’s been about five minutes (ok, we’re exaggerating, it’s been nine days, but still!) since Kihyun released his debut solo album VOYAGER. We’ve barely begun recovering from that, and it’s gonna remain at the top of our streaming playlists for a long time yet. But here we are, counting down the days to SHAPE of LOVE next month.

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We don’t have too many details about SHAPE of LOVE just yet, and maybe that’s for the best as we’re not sure we could cope with any more right now! What we do know is that Monsta X will release SHAPE of LOVE on Monday, April 11th at 6 pm KST, aka 2 am PT, 5 am EST, or 10 am BST.

The album will also have four different concepts: Love, Originality, Vibe, and Everything. Monsta X always come through with the concepts, album designs, and aesthetics, so we can’t wait to see what direction they head in this time around.

SHAPE of LOVE is Monsta X’s 11th mini-album (yes, you read that right, eleventh) and follows on from the success of The Dreaming, the all-English album they released in December. THP Monbebe have a feeling this era is gonna be bigger than ever, as it should be! Monsta X deserve all the success they get, and more!

If you think we’re exaggerating about how much (literally perfect) music Monsta X gives us, just look at the U.S. tour they have planned this summer. It’s called the NO LIMIT U.S. Tour, after the album they released last Fall. But the aesthetic matches The Dreaming, and now we’re in the SHAPE of LOVE era and they’re adding extra dates! That’s three albums since November! We can barely keep up, but we’re definitely not upset about it.

If you want to catch Monsta X on the NO LIMIT U.S. Tour, they’ll be on the road all over America from May 21st to June 11th and ticket info is available here. They’ll also be performing at the inaugural KPOP.FLEX festival in Germany on Sunday 15th May.

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Now, we guess Monbebe, including those at THP HQ, have to wait as patiently as we can for April 11th, and then we can start manifesting which tracks from SHAPE of LOVE we simply need to see on the tour setlist.

What are you expecting from SHAPE of LOVE? The aesthetic looks super slick so far, so we’re wondering if we can expect that in the music too. Hmm… Let us know what you think in the comments or over on Twitter @TheHoneyPop.


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