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We Have A Name For HS3 And It’s Harry’s House!

We Have A Name For HS3 And It’s Harry’s House!

Are our ears burning or did someone say something about a new Harry Styles album? All of us at THP HQ are actually freaking out about the news that just dropped from Harry’s camp! We cannot believe HS3 is finally happening. 😭

So What Is Actually Happening?

If you haven’t been on the World Wide Web lately, there have been a ton of easter eggs being dropped and things happening in the world of Harry. First, we got a website called with a door that randomly opened one day, a Twitter account, and a Discord server by the same name, and now we have the actual announcement!

March 23rd, 2022 started off as just another standard morning, and then chaos erupted with a tweet that just said “Harry’s House. May 20th.” along with the album cover of Harry standing on the ceiling with living room furniture in the shot. We then saw Harry’s Twitter profile photo and banner change and got a notification that Harry posted a YouTube video that turned out to be the album trailer! The door on also now opens and is a portal that takes you to the album trailer on YouTube. We haven’t been able to breathe since.

The Trailer

The album trailer starts off with rapid shots of flowers, city life, fireworks, and pans to Harry walking on stage in a beautiful music hall. When he gets to the middle of the stage, the camera pans out and a wooden structure of a house is lifted up and the text “Harry’s House” comes onto the screen. The trailer might have only been 40 seconds, but we didn’t take a breath the entire time and were on the edge of our seats. We still feel like we can’t breathe! We just want to know everything now that HS3 is confirmed to be called Harry’s House.

What We Do Know

Alright, so here’s what we do know:

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  1. The album will be called Harry’s House
  2. It’ll be released on May 20th
  3. It will have 13 new tracks on it
  4. You can presave the album on your favorite platform here!

The amount of work that has gone into this campaign is beautiful and we cannot wait to see what else comes next. We are feeling some very strong 70’s soft rock vibes coming from Harry and this campaign. What vibes do you think will be on this album? Do you agree with us or do you have a different idea of what the sound of the album might be?

We want to hear from YOU! Let us know your thoughts on HS3 in the comments below or chat with us on Twitter and Instagram.


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