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Let’s ‘Small Talk’ And Learn All About Hana Lili

Let’s ‘Small Talk’ And Learn All About Hana Lili

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Soft sounds matched gorgeously with a delightfully delicate voice to soothe a bad day. Hana Lili songs have all of the above and more, and luckily for us, she’s given us a new single, ‘Small Talk.’

‘Small Talk’ is an anthem for all of those who suffer from speedy minds that overthink, and Hana Lili explores the emotions that come with that beautifully. It’s a gorgeous song and one that speaks to us on such a deep level.

I wrote Small Talk because I realized it was something I find difficult sometimes, Small Talk is a song about hiding behind small talk in conversation to avoid being vulnerable. The lyric, “you’ll find me hiding in the small talk until I’ve bored everybody in the whole room,” signifies the feeling of using meaningless conversation with friends and strangers to avoid talking about your feelings, and prolong the inevitable of addressing them yourself.

Hana Lili

With lyrics that will resonate with the masses and a sound that’s sweetly addictive, Hana Lili made something truly special with ‘Small Talk.’ And can we just talk about how incredible her voice is to listen to for a hot second? Seriously. Her voice is like sweet honey, and wow, you know we love honey around this hive. (So much honey, honey!)

Who Is Hana Lili?

Some of you may know Hana Lili from when she took to the stadium stage in Cardiff in support of Coldplay this summer gone. But if you’re only just hearing her name and her indie-pop music, then we’re so excited to introduce you!

Hana Lili is a Welsh singer who hails from the small coastal village of Sully within the Vale of Glamorgan in South Wales. Her love for music kickstarted at a young age, and she began writing her own at the age of fourteen. She’s a self-taught producer and songwriter, which in itself is downright impressive in our opinion!

Since then, she has soared. She’s blessed her fans and the world with two EPs so far: Flowers Die In The Summer and Existential. We love every single song on both of these EPs! If you love ‘Small Talk’ and you’d like more of a taste of what to expect from Hana Lili songs, we highly recommend listening to ‘Red Hearts.’ This one hits us in the heart and makes us sway every single time we listen to it! We adore it so much.

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With songs that tingle the senses and evoke emotions, as well as relatable lyrics that spark the soul, Hana Lili has music that will resonate with everyone. We adore her and her songs, and we know you will, too! Trust us, honey!

What do you think of Hana Lili and her music? Do you love ‘Small Talk’ as much as we do? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on DiscordFacebook, and Instagram.


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