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Shall We Explore What 8TURN Have For Us In The Uncharted Drift?

Shall We Explore What 8TURN Have For Us In The Uncharted Drift?


We thought we were prepared, but 8TURN exceeded our expectations. From a cheerful view, our eight members captivated us with their first comeback! And because it is so unique, the guys take us to an Uncharted Drift, where many surprises await us. Shall we explore it?

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Uncharted Drift is a unique piece, full of their characteristic vocals, courage, youth, and a lot of talent! The mini album consists of 5 tracks where 8TURN got a lot of participation in their realization, showing the world who they are.


We couldn’t decide whether it was the song or the trailer for this new adventure that was turning the world upside down. Ultimately, it was the trailer, but the song is just as good! We wanted to start the tour with this beautiful trailer, where we see how the kids transport us to an Uncharted Drift, a new and not very understandable world; there are many emotions, doubts, and a voice that guides them. Is that “what you wanted”?


What can we say? This video is not only a video, but it is THE video.

8TURN’s talent is unquestionable, even if only mentioning their incredible vocals, dance moves, and presence. Of course, the effects and editing are not far behind, making the video so unique and of their own style; and well, the lyrics? It couldn’t be better as it was written by our beloved Yoon-Kyung! It’s a song that feels young and has a feeling of uncertainty for the future but is just as indifferent. I’ll go far, I’ll work hard, and if I do something, I’ll take responsibility! 


8TURN has the zone now!

Just as they sing “a dopamine overflow here,” this song is an excellent midpoint for the EP. It’s giving main character vibes, where everyone can watch you, support you, or move out! It’s also amazing how the power of SeungHeon and YunGyu’s rapping flows with the lyrics so well! Plus, they manage to blend within a challenging, retro, and very stylized beat; only 8TURN could do it! 


Like flowers in spring, love feels in bloom. Like the sunset, love feels warm and ephemeral. And like a sketch, love is not stressful. This is how we would define how 8TURN managed in 3 and a half minutes to talk about one of the most complex and inexplicable emotions. With their rhythm, the guys make it feel like we are listening to the birth of young love. The voices of MyungHo, YoonSung, and JaeYun are the perfect serenade in Uncharted Drift.

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Do do ru ru do ru ru ru (no doubt)

That’s all we’ve buzzed about since the album came out. It’s that chorus that sticks like honey and lyrics that mesmerize us. Not to mention YoonSung and HaeMin’s vocals; they are so sweet! Undoubtedly an ideal song for the end of the trip, or even the beginning… We know that 8TURN is here to stay. Will this be our anthem in the Uncharted Drift? Keep up, and let’s find out! 

Bees And Turning On The Road, Join The Trip!

Exploring the Uncharted Drift, we have met 8 wonderful guys. Have you seen them? Have you also been fascinated? Come for supplies at @thehoneypop; the journey will be long, then you could also check out what’s on our Instagram. Meanwhile, let’s keep streaming and in touch with 8TURN. 


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