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Step Into The World Of aespa With The MY WORLD Mini-Album

Step Into The World Of aespa With The MY WORLD Mini-Album

It had been 305 days since we had an official aespa comeback… but who’s counting? Maybe us, but come on, it’s aespa so you can’t blame us. Luckily, we’re done keeping count, because Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning are back and ready to take on the world with their MY WORLD mini-album!

Now that aespa defeated Black Mamba in the digital world, they’re finally getting a well-deserved break from battle in the real world. We’re getting to know a new, more playful side of aespa and it’s been so fun getting to learn more about the girls and what they bring to their music on MY WORLD. But something a little weird is happening in the real world, even with Black Mamba out of the picture…

The teasers for this era show the girls going about their days as bizarre things start popping up – Giselle steps out of a record store to see cars bouncing out of nowhere, Ningning eats at a cafe when cupcakes start flying around her, Karina goes for a walk as others around her start walking on the sides of buildings, and Winter takes selfies on a rooftop while giant pom-poms roll down the street. It’s weird, but somehow cute at the same time! What could be causing it?

If fighting off Black Mamba was Season 1 for aespa, this is Season 2: aespa in the real world.

Winter at the MY WORLD comeback showcase

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that the MY WORLD era is already shaping up to be aespa’s most iconic yet. Step into their world with us as we take a track-by-track look at the mini-album! 

‘Welcome To MY World’ (Feat. nævis) 

Quick rundown of what happened in the last episode of aespa’s first SMCU season: the group finally defeated Black Mamba, who broke their connection with their virtual ae avatars, with some help from nævis. It took some pretty amazing fight scenes and a little computer genius thanks to our E.D. hacker, Ningning, but they finally did it! At the end of the episode, nævis collapsed and we learned that she wasn’t allowed to leave the FLAT, but did it to help aespa. We also learned that she wanted to go to the real world next, and that’s exactly what’s happening on MY WORLD

The aptly-named ‘Welcome To MY World’ not only welcomes us to the next chapter of aespa’s story, but also welcomes nævis to the real world – she’s even featured on the song, and Giselle revealed during the MY WORLD comeback showcase that it was originally supposed to be a nævis solo song! The song and video see aespa reuniting with nævis, and the video has a bunch of flickers of distortion throughout – could those be linked to the unusual situations we saw in the teasers?

Our music has been about KWANGYA, the virtual world, and us defeating Black Mamba as powerful warriors. But this time, we’re back in the real world to show a teenage charm that’s fit for girls of our age.

Karina at the MY WORLD comeback showcase


Where ‘Welcome To MY World’ felt more like softer alternative pop, ‘Spicy’ brings us back to the high-energy, dark pop aespa are known for! This song is seriously the ultimate confidence booster – rap along to Giselle’s “I am a 10 out of 10, honestly” line and your mood will instantly improve. It’s the first aespa title track that doesn’t directly reference their lore, but it still very much fits into their worldview and captures their signature confidence and energy. 

And of course, we have to talk about the music video! The ‘Spicy’ video sees aespa heading back to college after defeating Black Mamba – we saw Giselle in some classes throughout their first SMCU season, so it’s interesting to see what college life is like for the full group, especially now that Black Mamba is out of their hair. At one point, we see Winter’s phone has a text from ae-Winter, so the aes are still around and finding ways to connect with aespa!

‘Spicy’ expresses aespa’s free and energetic side. It’s a song fit just for the summer. There’s also a b-side version, which is just as great, and we hope you love that too.

Giselle at the MY WORLD comeback showcase 

The ‘Spicy’ music video also includes callbacks to those “Strange Phenomenon” teasers we got leading up to the release of MY WORLD – one scene shows aespa watching the news on TV, then they sing at a party while everyone around them freezes. The final scene shows them performing on one of the messed-up streets affected by the phenomenon – maybe they’ll be investigating the phenomenon during this SMCU season – and Ningning even spray paints a car as a callback to her scene in the ‘Dreams Come True’ music video! 

‘Salty & Sweet’

Every MY remembers where they were the day aespa randomly dropped a ‘Salty & Sweet’ dance practice shortly before their SYNK : HYPERLINE concert! Everything about this track is so fierce, from the production, to the sassy vocals, to cool lyrics like “the poison in that tempting apple.” So not only are aespa feeling ‘Spicy’ for this release, but ‘Salty & Sweet’ as well – we’re guessing that this is the song Giselle was talking about when she mentioned a b-side to ‘Spicy!’ If ‘Savage’ is one of your favorite aespa songs, we think you’ll absolutely adore this one. 

We also love how ‘Salty & Sweet’ can be about the different sides of the aespa girls, but also the different sides of their music. We’ve gotten the saltier vibes with edgy songs like ‘Girls’ and ‘Spicy,’ while tracks like ‘Life’s Too Short’ and ‘Thirsty’ (more on that next!) also show a sweeter energy.

‘Salty & Sweet’ as what the title says, it means that we will mesmerize people with our salty and sweet charms. We performed this in our concert.

Karina at the MY WORLD comeback showcase


Get ready to hear the song of the summer, because ‘Thirsty’ is so airy and fun! It’s a cute, boppy love song that compares feelings for someone to thirst, and we know there will be so many adorable fan edits to this song. We knew this one would be legendary the second Winter gave us a surprise Instagram Live from a dance practice, and the girls gave us more proof when they performed it at their SYNK : HYPERLINE concert. It feels like a little sister to Red Velvet’s ‘Red Flavor’ and we love it!

We were so craving for a bright song because we only had songs with dark themes. So we want to quench that thirst, as if we’re resolving a grudge. Our goal is that people spend the hot summer with aespa.

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Winter at the MY WORLD comeback showcase

‘I’m Unhappy’

We had mixed feelings about this song when we heard the title – we never want the girls of aespa to be anything other than happy! But once we heard it, we fell head-over-heels, really hard, right in love. Much like ‘Life’s Too Short,’ but with a less cheerful tone, ‘I’m Unhappy’ takes a look at how social media and living in the digital era affects us. 

And in true aespa style, ‘I’m Unhappy’ has a double meaning. The girls got to visit KWANGYA and meet their ae avatars before they defeated Black Mamba, so now they’re back in the real world and separated from their virtual friends in the digital world. Don’t worry, they’re still around somewhere – remember, Winter got a text from her ae in the ‘Spicy’ music video! 

‘I’m Unhappy’ is about my divided self in the virtual world and the real world. It was easy for us to get in character because we’re used to that kind of concept. We actually really like the lyrics. We hope you focus a lot on the lyrics when you listen to it.

Winter at the MY WORLD comeback showcase

‘’Til We Meet Again’

The final track on MY WORLD is ‘’Til We Meet Again,’ another song that aespa performed at their SYNK : HYPERLINE concert. It’s a sweet ballad that shows off each member’s vocals in such a beautiful way, and you could take the meaning to be about their aes (because we think they’ll meet again for aespa’s next era) or their MYs!  We think this was the perfect track to end the mini-album and get us excited for what’s next. They hinted at a full album at their comeback showcase… 👀 

“’Til we meet, ’til we meet again
When you and I dream together, it’s a never-ending story…”

Even though we’re not in KWANGYA anymore, MY WORLD feels more “aespa” than ever, bringing Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning to a new chapter while staying true to their personalities and strengths. We had high hopes for this mini-album, and the girls exceeded every single one! We’re so glad to have aespa as a part of our world, and lucky to get to step into theirs. 

MYs, which track from MY WORLD is your favorite? What do you think will happen lore-wise now that nævis is in the real world? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more of the sweetest aespa content around, click here.


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