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Let’s Unpack Jagwar Twin’s ‘I Like To Party’ Lyrics

Let’s Unpack Jagwar Twin’s ‘I Like To Party’ Lyrics

Another incredible release from Jagwar Twin, I Like To Party, released on July 23rd, is the upbeat summer anthem we all need! After not being able to party for over a year, what better way to come back than to be invited by none other than Jagwar Twin?

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We’re starting with the lyrics, of course.

Firstly, there are smaller, more obvious connections to the imagery on the website. “Let’s see you clap your hands,” “Attention! Attention!” “A new direction, affecting the State of your mind,” and “You’re the Kingdom.” All of these feature on the website either as images or moving words, either way, they make a statement. Towards the build-up of the release, he used these visuals and lyrics as a promotion. How did we not put the pieces together sooner?

The lyric, “Running around like chickens with no head,” is plucked (no pun intended) from the phrase “running around like a headless chicken,” which means to be panicked when they should be thinking clearly about the situation. It has a bit of a dark past and originates in the 14th century in England when chickens would run around in a panic.

Now, of course, “Looking like Charles Dickens, I mean dead, The Tale was told” links to the old story of A Tale Of Two Cities. From Paris to London, the French revolution was a massive reign of terror. Set in the 1700s, the story is one of duality, revolution, and resurrection.

The concept of having a little devil on our shoulder plays perfectly in with the lyric: “Devil waking up to claim the Kingdom.” Are we the Devil? Do we need to see inside ourselves more to claim our Kingdom? So many questions! This then leads us to: “People waking up to claim what’s in them.” If we are waking up to claim ourselves, we are becoming more self-aware of the good, the bad, and the dirty. Being consciously aware of ourselves, our surroundings, and everything we come in contact with allows us to tell our truths and be stronger, to build a Kingdom within us.

Finally, the excessive use of cake could mean many things. However, to us, Marie-Antoinette’s famous phrase “let them eat cake” comes to mind. It was all about how oblivious she was to the conditions of daily life to normal people, as cake was more expensive than bread. She was the Queen of France during the French Revolution, which brings us back to the Charles Dickens reference, too. This has been impeccably thought through.

An honorable mention, “All I wanna do is zoomy zoomy zoom zoom,” is lyrical genius – you can’t convince us otherwise. We can confirm there is no way anyone can be unhappy when singing that lyric.

Yes, we found connections to previous songs too.

“Tell a vision on the news” is a clever wordplay with the use of “tell a vision” sounding exactly like “television.” In Jagwar Twins ‘Happy Face,’ the interactive experience had a lot of messages about how heavily reliant we are on TV and social media. Bringing us to the spoken lyric of “We interrupt our program to bring you this important message.” Sounding like a broadcast that pops up when you’re watching TV. Is Jagwar Twin hinting that we’re all just in some sort of massive simulation?

Another lyric in ‘I Like To Party’ is “Heaven is within your heart,” which we think might connect to ‘Down To You,’ the lyric from that song is “listen to your heart.” Listen to the heaven that is within your heart, or listen to your heart to find heaven. Either way, we have the power to be heavenly, peaceful, and kind if we just listen.

Image Source: Joshua Hubberman at CTHDRL

Now, lets talk about the sound.

‘I Like To Party’ is inspired by Tim Burton. The use of a children’s choir and borderline dark sound pulls that into effect. If you throw this song on at a Halloween party, it would fit right in. The fast-paced drum-driven sound makes it tinker on the edge of multiple genres. Alt-rock? Pop? Hip hop? If it doesn’t fit into one genre, we will make it fit into all genres. All of Jagwar Twin’s releases for this up-and-coming era have tied together so well that we feel like we’re in a story that hasn’t finished being written yet. ‘Happy Face,’ ‘Down to You,’ and ‘I Like To Party’ are all written to include the audience, which makes us feel so much closer to Roy.

Finally, can we talk about the laugh in the background that sounds like a jester? Creepy.

The backing vocals feature Little Luna, Sierra Deaton, Aubrey Cleland, and King Starlight. ‘I Like To Party’ was also produced by Matthew Pauling, who, by the way, is Grammy-nominated and works with artists such as 5 Seconds of Summer and All Time Low.

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Fun fact: ‘I Like To Party’ was produced at 444hz, just like ‘Happy Face’ and ‘Down To You.’ 444hz is a healing frequency, so trust us when we tell you – this is a feel-good song.

We’re at the end, We promise.

This isn’t the first time we’ve tried to unpack Roy’s projects. His ‘Happy Face‘ and ‘Down To You‘ experiences have already blown our minds. Jagwar Twin’s new era is beautifully immersive and interactive – the level of personal fan interaction is highly appreciated.

What are your thoughts on Jagwar Twin’s latest single ‘I Like To Party?’ Let us know in the comments below or drop us a line on Twitter @TheHoneyPopFacebook, or Instagram and let us know what you think!

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Featured Image Source: KayKay Blaisdell

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