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Jagwar Twin Takes Us On A Mad Lib Journey With ‘Down To You’

Jagwar Twin Takes Us On A Mad Lib Journey With ‘Down To You’

We haven’t gotten over ‘Happy Face’ yet, and now we have ‘Down To You’. Which, by the way, is an absolute banger. Let’s break it down. We have never heard a Jagwar Twin song like this before. The beat is next level, and the drums are just insane, and the robotic voice gives the song a futuristic feel.

The lyrics are empowering. There is one very clear message in this song:  you are the only thing that is you because you are unique, and your journey is one to be explored! His website was an amazing way to get us involved, to tell our stories, and have the song resonate with each of us individually by creating an interactive journey subconsciously through choosing emojis was so much fun.

Jagwar Twin always takes us on these deep, intricate treasure hunts for hidden portals and messages. Roy’s website for this song is full of different symbols from multiple things. Where do we even start with trying to decode something like this? There are nods to the Hebrew language, planetary signs, zodiac signs, alchemy symbols, and even animals. We find it fascinating that he includes all of this in promotional work. He certainly knows how to keep us busy!

Hidden Symbols!

We should look at some of the symbols because there’s no better time to put our thinking caps on than when we’re checkout out Jagwar Twins records.

via Jagwar Twin Website

There are images hidden in plain sight everywhere on this site. It shows us the sun, which represents life, influence, and strength. Opposite to that is the moon which represents growth and change.

It’s amazing how Roy’s work reflects him as a person so well. He manages to create such captivating and beautifully made songs, whilst channeling his passion for spirituality through the process from start to finish.

Hey! Put on a happy face!

While we are grateful that the previous website didn’t blow up or abduct us, as mentioned in one of our previous articles. We can’t be sure that this isn’t all leading to one massive cult!

Even Jagwar Twin’s previous song ‘Happy Face’ encouraged us to dive deep and follow links that would show us hidden gems. There are some similarities in the symbols used in the two websites. Can you find them here? Jagwar Twin – Happy Face Experiment 🙃. While you’re at it, we dare you to take the test and see how long you last! Don’t forget to check out the ‘Happy Face’ music video here too.

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Fun fact: it’s produced and mixed at 444hz, so it will actually make you feel happy.

We believe he’s always thinking up new ways to engage with us and show us his work every single day, because when isn’t he doing the absolute most to make sure we’re all up to something great? That’s why we all love him so much. There are endless reasons to check out Jagwar Twin and everything Roy creates, we put together a small list to get you started.

So what are your thoughts? What do you think of all these symbols and hidden messages? Let us know at @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter or leave a comment below.

We’ve got you fully covered if you want to check out more all about Happy Face.


Featured image: courtesy of chaos order academy @JagwarTwin

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