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Binge-Worthy Buzz: New Spectacular Recommendations

Binge-Worthy Buzz: New Spectacular Recommendations

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Welcome back, honeybees, to a new edition of Binge-Worthy Buzz, our weekly series about what’s buzzing in the realm of Movies and TV. September flew by in an instant but it wasn’t without some awesome new things for us to watch, and the end of the month couldn’t be any different. This month is going out with a bang and we can prove it. Also, we can’t wait to see what’s coming for October as well.

Under Wraps 2

Last year, just before Halloween, three kids, Marshall, Gilbert, and Amy, accidentally resurrect a mummy named Harold. The four of them become friends and everything works out. That’s the plot of Under Wraps. Now, a year later, we’re getting a sequel! Under Wraps 2 just had its premiere at Disneyland and has already aired on Disney Channel, now all that’s left is for it to come to Disney+ on September 30. And you bet we’ll be there to watch it!

This time, the trio of children are getting ready for Amy’s father’s wedding, which happens to be Halloween-themed (we might steal that idea 👀.) But before they can enjoy the festivities, they find out Harold needs their help. His (really) old rival, Sobek was woken up and, in his search for revenge, has kidnapped Harold’s beloved Rose. Now, it’s up to Harold and the kids to save her before it’s too late.

Sounds of the Underground

If you don’t know Sounds of the Underground yet, you are missing out big time. Hosted by The Wildfires Projekt, the TV series shines a light on rising stars of the alternative music scene, as well as having interviews with some big names of the genre. Some highlights of the new episodes set to start airing on October 6 are Concrete Castles and Have Mercy.

The Wildfires Projekt has made it his mission to give us loads of content to keep us falling in love with all these artists with every new episode. See their past episodes with people like Frank Iero and Point North and you’ll get what we mean. Their completely independent project premieres its first new episode on October 6 at 5pm on YouTube, after that, it’ll air on CBS in Boston, Dallas, Miami, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, and San Francisco. We’re so excited about this, we can’t even stay still.


Reasonable Doubt

No Los Angeles defense attorney has ever done it like Jax Stewart. She is known for her tendency to interpret the law as she sees fit and to bend the rules in order to have the high ground. Many judge her for it but wait until you’re the one needing her help.

Those are the moments when the real Jax shines through: she’s a brilliant attorney who will stop at nothing to get her clients out of trouble. Even if she needs to have slightly questionable ethics to achieve that goal. The series premiered this week with two episodes already available on Hulu, with more coming each Tuesday.


Being caught between two wildly different cultures has to be one of the most insane experiences a human being can go through. And that is the case with Ramy. On one side, he has his religious Muslim family and community, on the other, his fellow millennials who doubt everything, even the existence of an afterlife. How does one exist being part of both of these groups?

That’s the question Ramy tries to answer throughout the show, along with his family. And all of that while living in a politically-divided neighborhood in New Jersey. Poor dude, we just know he’s going to need a lot of help with that. Ramy starts streaming on September 30 on Hulu.

El Repatriado

El Repatriado is the story of Latino boxer Leonel Reina. He was raised in the States with big dreams of becoming a boxing champion. Unfortunately for him, he finds out he was never naturalized as an American citizen, and that leads to him being deported to Mexico.

Once there, he must find a way to adapt to a country he’s never been to before, where he doesn’t even speak the language. But that doesn’t stop Leonel from using that time to reconnect with his history and make friends, too. And those friendships are exactly what he needs to find his way back home. El Repatriado starts streaming on Hulu on September 28.

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Huluween Dragstravaganza

You thought we wouldn’t talk about Huluween? Of course, we’re going to talk about Huluween! It’s one of the biggest Halloween celebrations of the year. This year, the Dragstravaganza will be led by Ginger Minj and Monét X Change, who were charged with the task of putting on the most over-the-top show ever! And may the Drag Gods help them if they don’t!

Thankfully for them, they’ve got many other drag stars to assist them in this endeavor. That includes Jujubee, Manila Luzon, Selene Luna, and even Lady Bunny, among many others. And a little zombie bird told us that miss Kesha will also be making an appearance as a musical guest. This year’s Huluween celebration will be to die for, we’re sure. Appropriately, Dragstravaganza will start streaming on October 1.


And this concludes this week’s Binge-Worthy Buzz! As you can see, we’re slowly letting the Spooky Season take over here at THP. We hope you’ve enjoyed our picks this week, and if you did, please tell us about it by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Want more things to watch? Here you go!

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