Point North Brings The Energy To Chicago!

Point North Brings The Energy To Chicago!

Point North brings the energy to Chicago! The band Point North, from Los Angeles, California came to Chicago’s enormous venue, The Aragon Ballroom, and lit up the stage with energy, excitement, and an experience for the whole crowd (especially those lucky enough to be in the front during their last song ‘Hammer!’)

Point North is playing support for The Re-Entry Tour. Although they only had 25 minutes to play their set, they were able to make it a memorable one! Because you would think they were the headliners by the way they performed. And, the way the crowd reacted to watching them play!

The tour is will be going on until November 6th. So, make sure to catch them while they’re in your city because you don’t want to miss out on seeing them live! Check out their tour stops and grab your tickets here!

If you already have your tickets to see Point North, here’s the setlist they played in Chicago! (And yes, they played some bangers!)

  • ‘Into the Dark’
  • ‘Never Coming Home’
  • ‘Nice Now’
  • ‘Ghost in My Home’
  • ‘Gasoline’
  • ‘Hammer’ (nothing, nowhere cover)

You can see more live music photos and live reviews here!

What’s your favorite Point North song? Where will you be seeing them on tour? Let us know on Twitter @thehoneypop, Facebook, or Instagram!


Featured Image and Gallery Source: Michael Yebra for The Honey POP

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