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6 New K-POP Songs Your Playlist Desperately Needs

6 New K-POP Songs Your Playlist Desperately Needs

Hey fellow K-POP honey poppers! Hasn’t October been overwhelming comeback-wise? There is so much new music every day and we don’t know what to fangirl about first! All our favorites have been coming back this month and our playlist is bursting with all the bops, so we understand if you missed a few. To help you out we decided to narrow down some songs for you that can’t be missing from your October playlist!

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Enhypen – ‘Tamed-Dashed’

First up, has to be one of our favorite groups of the fourth generation. ENHYPEN has been killing it comeback after comeback. Obviously, when their first full album was announced we couldn’t help but be absolutely thrilled. More ENHYPEN music is always good news. ‘Tamed-Dashed’ is the autumn bop that makes us miss summer, which we needed. But that’s not all! The entire album is absolutely packed with great music. ENHYPEN we love you!!

Make sure to stream ‘Tamed-Dashed’ here.


CUBE’s new girl group LIGHTSUM had us intrigued with their debut song ‘Vanilla,’ so we were pretty excited for them to make a comeback this time around. Are we the only ones thinking LIGHTSUM is about to fill the hole IZ*ONE left behind with their disbandment? ‘VIVACE’ perfectly captures the groups’ energy and LIGHTSUM is absolutely acing it! The music video is also just 100% serotonin.

You can listen to ‘VIVACE’ here! – ‘Would You Run’

Oh, October is a treat when it comes to girl group comebacks, and bangers have really done nothing but kill it since their debut. And with VENI VIDI VICI we finally got’s long-awaited first full mini album! We were craving just so much more after those two singles and the album thankfully does not disappoint. ‘Would You Run’ is the perfect jam for your cardio workout. God, the girls are really showing off their pipes. We are here for it.

Listen to ‘Would You Run’ here.

Jo Yuri – ‘Glassy’

We love women. Period. IZ*ONE might have left us but that only means we are about to get multiple solo and group debuts from the members we love so much. Jo Yuri is the second IZ*ONE member to start her solo career and she is keeping it ‘Glassy’ (see what we did there?). Our vocal queen brought us this groovy jam that goes into your ear immediately while looking like a queen herself. How isn’t this song on top of your playlist?

N.Flying – ‘Sober’

N.Flying scared us there for a minute with them all being infected with Covid. But after a safe and speedy recovery, they treated us to a repackaged of their previous album Moonshot. ‘Sober’ helps us stay sober while fulfilling all our emo mood needs. Honestly, you can never go wrong with an N.Flying song. Hwesung’s and Seunghyub’s vocals were just made for each other!

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aespa – ‘Savage’

Our list screams girl power and that for good reason. October is the month of girl groups, we just decided that, accept it. And aespa are absolutely owning it. After their viral hit ‘Next Level’ (we may have dislocated a shoulder while trying to learn the move) the girls are back with ‘Savage.’ And boy does this scream next big hit. Duh, the girls just got their first music show win, so we know what we are talking about. Are you ready to be a ‘Savage?’

We are absolutely fed this month and these six songs are just a few of the bangers being brought to us so far. What’s your favorite song released in October so far? Are all these songs already on your playlist? Let us know in the comments below and tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

Looking for more new music? Look here!

Featured Image Source: Made by Selina for The Honey POP.

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