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Exclusive Interview: The Wildfires Projekt Talks All About ‘Headlights’

Exclusive Interview: The Wildfires Projekt Talks All About ‘Headlights’

Get ready to fall in love with The Wildfires Projekt after listening to ‘Headlights.’ We know we certainly did! It’s so incredible to see an artist who’s not afraid to leave the boundaries of genre broken and to experiment on one song so beautifully. If you’re anything like us and struggle with mental health issues we think you’ll really connect with the message of The Wildfires Projekt and will find a safe space within the music.

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We were lucky enough to get to chat all about ‘Headlights’ and what we can expect next!

Before we jump into the interview, we are so stoked to share the premiere of the music video for ‘Headlights’ with you! We’re obsessed with it, and we sure you will be too!

When looking at your newest track ‘Headlights’ you can’t really box it in genre wise, is that a conscious decision, to not mold your sound into fitting one specific genre?
It was definitely a conscious decision. We are in a place now where music doesn’t have to be confined to one genre. We wanted to explore that with this song, as well as the whole record.

You’ve said previously that you make music for a culture that has been shaped by mental health struggles. When was the moment for you that you understood what a powerful tool music was for dealing with mental illness?
In my former band, we would do events for children struggling with bullying. It was at that time I realized how powerful music was. From there I continued what we started within my own music.

When we listen to ‘Headlights’ we imagine it being the ideal song to scream in the car at night with the windows down. Is there a scenario you can imagine as the ideal way to experience the track? 
The best way to experience the track is definitely with the speakers up! It sounds great on headphones, but even better when you can turn up the volume and really get into it!

You wear many hats! Outside of making your own music you also work with other artists, is there a song you’ve helped create with another artist that stands out as a favorite of yours?
I had the opportunity to work with Dirty Heads alongside Matt Squire a while back. It was definitely an incredible experience for me that I’ll never forget. Honestly, I love every opportunity I get to work with other artists!

The world is slowly opening back up and live shows are happening again. What are you most looking forward to about being back in the groove of playing this music live for the fans?
I’m just looking forward to being on stage and seeing the fans again! Our previous tour got cut short due to Covid, and now I’m ready to get back out there! It’s been weird staying home for so long haha

Music, once released, really does belong to the listener, what are you hoping fans take from ‘Headlights?’
My perspective has always been that I want the fans to take away what they personally get out of it. A song could mean one thing to me, and something completely different to someone else. Why keep it in a box?

Let’s go back to 2018, you have just put out ‘A Letter To Myself.’ If you had to tell the artist you were then, one crucial piece of advice, what would that be? 
I would say be open to being influenced by other genres. Pop songs can lead to great heavy songs, and vice versa.

Reverse The Trend is such a killer non-profit! Tell us a little bit about that and where/when it started? 
Reverse The Trend was founded to help kids dealing with bullying and thoughts of suicide. It started when my band at the time was personally receiving a lot of threats and bullying, and we decided to go to a few schools to connect and speak about it. We found out it was a great way to reach kids who were dealing with the same thing, and we’ve had the privilege to host over 500 events around the country.

Let’s talk ‘Through Fear & Fighting,’ that is an EP that so many people connected with, when looking back on that body of work is there a lyric that really stands out to you as your favorite?
‘Through Fear and Fighting’ was written during an interesting time. Our tour was canceled due to Covid, and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next. I think the whole record was an escape from that, but I still made it a point to tackle important issues. It’s hard to say a line that is my favorite, but “Wasting Time” was a fun one to write for sure!

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Now that ‘Headlights’ is out into the world, what’s next? What can fans expect as we end 2021 and start a new year?
Currently, we have plans to release a new single and video every month through the rest of 2021, and after that who knows! Things are constantly changing these days, and we are just going with the flow haha!

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