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4 Miley Cyrus Songs To Get You Hyped Up For Endless Summer Vacation

4 Miley Cyrus Songs To Get You Hyped Up For Endless Summer Vacation

We all know Miley Cyrus, our queen whose star has been rising ever since her Disney Channel days as Hannah Montana! If you haven’t heard of her, you probably have been living under a rock. Ever since the release of her new song ‘Flowers,’ on January 1st, we have been playing it nonstop, loving the message of self confidence! With winter ending and warm weather approaching, and with the excitement of her new album, Endless Summer Vacation, she will definitely be on our playlists! Here are some songs you should add to yours to get yourself hyped up for summer and her new era!


Well, what better Endless Summer song for us to vibe to than the one we just mentioned? This single from the new album describes the love of living a healthy, single life after a broken relationship, and we feel that is the kind of energy that we need for summer 2023! With the guitar instrumental and calming vocals, it definitely gives off that sunny vibe we need! It just seems like we have already been in the summer mood since it has been playing on our radio nonstop! So go ahead, buy yourself flowers, touch your toes in the sand, and talk to yourself for hours! We are not judging here!

‘Midnight Sky’

Get ready to groove on with this one! Off Miley’s album Plastic Hearts, this song is a nod towards to the singer Stevie Nicks, and we just feel like we are stuck in the 80’s for real! When we listen to this song, we feel like we’re driving down the night road in a convertible singing our hearts out! With the synths and the familiar chorus, this is the perfect song to let everything go and enjoy the night life whenever you can!


We are heading to the Endless beaches of Malibu with this one, literally! This Miley track definitely screams summer whenever we hear it! Coming off her Younger Now album, this beachy tune describes how it feels to be at home with the one you love at the relaxing beaches of Malibu. With the soft guitar and soft drums, it just makes us feel like we are on the beach – we can just taste the saltwater! The sky is more blue in Malibu for sure!

‘Party in the USA’

Now, what better way to end a Miley Cyrus Endless Summer playlist than with one of her most popular songs of all time? ‘Party in the USA’ is a classic summer song for every generation, being played every day at grocery stores, malls, and beach parties! Coming off of Miley’s album The Time of our Lives , the chorus of this song makes you want to jump off your chair and start dancing almost immediately! Even with the song being 13 years old, it’s still so dear to our hearts at THP. We hope it is still dear to yours, too!

These four songs give off the exact summer vibe we need during this summer, and we will for sure be playing them on and on during our parties or trips to the beach! From the nostalgia with ‘Midnight Sky’ to the classic song that is ‘Party in the USA,’ we will be dancing away! We are so excited for her new album to release on March 10th – are you ready for Miley to take us on an Endless Summer Vacation?

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What Miley Cyrus songs will you be jamming out to with the new album? Comment below or tweet us @thehoneypop your tracks!


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