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Taylor Swift Has Broken The Honey POP And Records! Midnights Has Destroyed Us!

Taylor Swift Has Broken The Honey POP And Records! Midnights Has Destroyed Us!

We had to take a few business days to process this album. If we didn’t, you’d just receive us screaming, crying, and you guessed it, throwing up. Taylor Swift has completely destroyed us. Now that we’ve had the time to get our breakdowns over with, it’s time for us to tell you everything we felt.

First and foremost, it is very obvious that we sobbed the entire album, even during ‘Bejeweled!’ (We know, we sound insane, but we’re true Swifties. It’s in our blood.) We couldn’t stop the tears from falling. It was slightly embarrassing.

If You Didn’t Think Taylor Was Iconic Before, How About Now?

Since this album’s release, Taylor Swift has broken record after record. Within the first two days, Taylor managed to get 5 songs from Midnights into the Top 5 biggest debuts in global Spotify history! How freaking crazy is that? She’s only going up from here! (We truly don’t see how it’s possible, but she’s changing the world!)

On top of that, she’s already broken the all-time record for biggest vinyl sales. In merely three days, she has broken an all-time record. We’re in awe. Just in general, she’s got the record for the biggest sales week for any album since 2017. She is unstoppable. We’re gobsmacked! 

If you thought those were iconic, Taylor Swift sold over 800,000 copies of Midnights on the first day! We don’t even think that’s counting pre-orders, like hello? Blondie is breaking records, like how could we be any less in awe? These are just the ones we could find in on such short notice! Give it a year, and she’s gonna devour us whole.

The Honey POP Staff Has Some Thoughts For You!

We couldn’t just let you guys go on without giving you guys a taste of what The Honey POP HQ sounds like. If we got everyone together, we’d be here for weeks telling you what Taylor Swift and Midnights mean to us, but instead, we’ll just pick a few lil Swiftie bees!

Sage Marie Grace, Senior Writer: Being a Swiftie from the age of three has put me through a lot of shocks. From the moment my mom played Taylor Swift in the car, I decided that Taylor and I were one. Since then every release has been a gift to me, but Midnights is my first release as an adult.

Being able to hear the album from the first to the end of the 3am version truly changed the person I am. Midnights has changed so many lives, and I’m glad one of them was mine. I will keep the feeling of that first listen with me forever, and for each new release, I’ll remember it each time I listen to a new Taylor Swift release.

Emily Miller, Editor: Midnights is a magical album because it has something for everyone to relate to, but it is, at its heart, still so quintessentially Taylor. It acknowledges insecurities, the way different relationships can cause you harm and hurt, how they can heal you, and even that you don’t need them to because you can find peace within yourself.

Songs like ‘Bejeweled’ are empowering her listeners to still find self-love and power in themselves. People may hurt you, but you’re still a diamond, and you can still shine. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s smashing records for a reason. Taylor Swift’s pop return is everything and more, and I can’t wait to see the visuals she’s chosen to accompany these masterpieces.

Madison Murray, Creative Director: In every possible sense, Midnights is Taylor’s sleekest and most vulnerable work to date. It returns to the slick pop production of albums like 1989 and Reputation, has the emotional depth of albums like Red and Lover, and has the witty lyrics of albums like folklore and evermore.

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It’s introspective and raw, while more upbeat songs like ‘Karma’ and ‘Bejeweled’ keep it from feeling too heavy. Midnights feels like the deep breath you’re relieved to let out after a stressful situation, reflecting on what happened while looking forward to a brighter, more shimmery future.

We Can Barely Function, Taylor Has Us Shook!

This album has so many components that we don’t even have the time to address. Like how almost every song on Midnights has a counterpart from one of her previous albums. Taylor Swift has a mind like no other, and we will never stop listening to this album. It’s going to follow us forever, and we’re totally okay with that. 

If you haven’t already streamed Midnights, we urge you to do so because it truly can change the way you think. Taylor Swift knew exactly what she was doing with this album, breaking records and our hearts. It’ll be a life-changing experience, so get on your streaming services and give her a listen!

What track from Midnights do you think Taylor Swift made for you? Which tracks did you claim on the album before its release? Have you seen the music videos yet? You can let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Join us on Discord, where we are still crying over Midnights.


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