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Don’t ‘cut’ Her Out! Tori Kelly Stuns New Sound In Music Video

Don’t ‘cut’ Her Out! Tori Kelly Stuns New Sound In Music Video

New style, new songs, new hair!? Who is she? Well, it’s Tori Kelly, of course! She may not be the bubbly blonde we remember from 2015, but she’s back to serve us a mane of dark brown hair with a side of street pop princess realness. This is a Tori we’ve never seen before! And boy, do we like the new her! 💟

We’ve heard Tori deep in her feels on popular tracks such as ‘Nobody Love’ and ‘I Was Made For Loving You.’ Her brand-new sound centers heavily on pop and hyper-electric beat drops. We also hear a taste of a stunningly gorgeous vocal range that is more tailored to radio, but we know you won’t be able to get enough!

Tori Kelly stuns new look in single and music video release ‘cut’ after a recent heartstopping health scare. Thankfully, nothing can bring our girl down as she rejoices in the drop of the ‘cut’ video and highly anticipated self-titled EP, tori. Join the thousands of listeners and stream ‘cut’ now! 🎧

The recently dropped music video for ‘cut’ gives fans a taste of how she wants her new sound to be heard and felt – hand in hand with your besties…at 2 am…in the cleaning aisle of a convenience store. We’ve all been there, right? A hazy night out with your besties (but you somehow end up scarfing down a plate of orange chicken?) 🍜. The captivating transitions from setting to setting reflect the nuance of both the song and her personal musical transition. Tori gives us visuals of a party we never want to leave and music we never want to end! 🪩
Decked head to toe in a new street style we’ve yet to see from the singer, Tori confidently serves us lyrics such as “Hit the drum on your heart/Baby, we caught a rhythm” and “You don’t want a cut if it’s not with me/Not with me/You ain’t get this love from somebody else.” It’s more than clear that singer is entering a new era of self-confidence, and according to a press release, “the most authentic and charismatic” she has ever been with her audience. This addictive new track, and more to come, leave us pumping with pop sensations that can only be left on the dancefloor.

Tori Kelly has fully embraced herself as a woman, a writer, a performer, and an artist. All these elements converge in the ultimate vision for Tori Kelly in 2023 and beyond.

via Press Release

We know you want to hear more from Tori, so don’t get panicked! Now streaming, tori gives fans seven new tracks with exciting features from rising stars Ayra Starr and Jon Bellion. 

tori Offical Tracklist:

  1. ‘cut’
  2. ‘missin u’
  3. ‘shelter’
  4. ‘unbelievable’ (feat. ayra starr)
  5. ‘alive if i die’
  6. ‘young gun’ (feat. jon bellion)
  7. ‘missin u’ – r&b edit

Tori dominates each track in her own unique way with her captivating legendary voice that gave her a spot in the Billboard 100 back in 2015. We can only hope she follows suit and climbs the charts and takes over in 2023!

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You can also catch Tori on her Take Control Tour starting September 10th in Toronto, Canada. Grab tickets to your closest city before they sell out! 🎟️

Let us know your favorite song from the new EP or which lyrics made you cry by letting us know on Facebook, Instagram, or by tweeting us @thehoneypop!


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