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We Are ‘Confident’ We’re Obsessed With Demi Lovato’s ‘Rock Version’s

We Are ‘Confident’ We’re Obsessed With Demi Lovato’s ‘Rock Version’s

After the absolute brilliance of HOLY FVCK, we couldn’t be happier that Demi Lovato is revisiting their discography and revamping their songs. We’ve always known Demi Lovato was an emo kid, we mean, think back to her earliest releases – guitars driving the song, not the computer programming that was popular at the time. Oh, and did anyone else see that picture of her at Warped Tour with Oli Sykes and Bring Me The Horizon, or was that just a fever dream? (We had to look it up, yes, it is in fact real. See, point proven.)

Our prayers were answered and the newest addition to their collection of rock remakes is ‘Confident’. And we’re absolutely confident that we are absolutely obsessed with it as much as we’re obsessed with the other covers. Check out our thoughts on Demi Lovato’s (Rock Version)s below.

‘Confident – Rock Version’

Okay, we’re obsessed. We know we’ve said it already. We just have to say it again. Because we also love Demi Lovato. We love the deep, motor-like guitars, the entire essence of the song is dark, but exciting and enticing. Also, we love how heavy the drums sound, like the drummer is absolutely slamming down his sticks on the kit with all his might. The song gets us fired up. We would (and probably will) strut down the street while listening to this song, big leather boots and all.

‘Sorry Not Sorry (with Slash) – Rock Version’

A song with Slash. Demi Lovato really can do it all, huh? For those who don’t know (and that’s okay!), Slash is the legendary lead guitarist for Guns N Roses, who inspired artists like Lovato’s favorite artists, who then inspired them to write a rock record (REVAMPED is out on September 15th (you’re welcome)). And to have Slash feature on one of Lovato’s most famous songs, that’s fate. We love the bridge and the ending of the song so much. It just… works really, really well. Hearing a classic guitar solo on top of a reimagined song is something else.

‘Cool for the Summer – Rock Version’

This song has been, and always will be, seductive. We love the acceptance and open-mindedness of the song. Oh, and the rock aspect? Somehow, that’s even more seductive. But then, the post-chorus sounds like we just stepped into a video game with the intensity and distortion. Sometimes a seductive pop song isn’t enough. Rock instils us with confidence. Doesn’t it with everyone? Oh, and Demi Lovato’s vocals thrive in the rock genre.

‘Heart Attack – Rock Version’

Arguably our favorite of the reimagined songs, ‘Heart Attack – Rock Version’ kicked off Lovato’s rock project off with a bang. Their 2013 record Demi is embedded in our childhood memories. It’s just so angsty and conveys this sense of frustration so incredibly well. And that soaring chorus with the guitars? Yes. All we can say is yes. After another beautifully placed post-chorus, the dynamics grow and fall, and we love the push and pull. It feels like we’re living in the song and maybe, we are.

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