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Pick Up Your Phone London … aespa Is Calling!

Pick Up Your Phone London … aespa Is Calling!

aespa London

Your phone is ringing … naevis is calling! The K-Pop Queens, aespa, are in world domination mode. And this week, they’ve set their sights on London. From iconic performances in one of the world’s most famous venues to creating catchy collaborations with British artists, the music industry buzz in London Town is all about aespa. As if being the first K-POP group to hit 100 million views on YouTube in record time back in 2020 wasn’t impressive enough, the four girls are setting the bar even higher. This week, aespa have taken over the UK, and this is exactly how they’ve done it. 

‘Better Things (RAYE Remix)’

When talented women in the music industry join forces, it always results in something spectacular. That’s exactly what happened when aespa teamed up with English singer-songwriter RAYE. It’s a dream collaboration and is one way aespa are taking over the London scene. The original story of the girls not wanting to see a guy remains consistent in the remix. However, RAYE jumps in and unravels the story more, revealing why.

Within the remix, RAYE brings her signature style to the upbeat anthem of ‘Better Things.’ Staying true to the theme of female empowerment, RAYE’s strong vocals and deep lyricism add a new layer we never knew we needed but now can’t live without.

Taking over the second verse, RAYE’s rap slows down the track with a gentle beat switch. Also, her brutally honest lyrics, such as “Said you love me, but your head ain’t in the right place / Funny ’cause it’s true, I think you hit it on her bed frame,” bring the British humor everyone loves. And let’s not forget the Taylor Swift reference that has us belting out every word! To top it off, RAYE adds stunning harmonies to close the song. Honestly speaking, it’s been on repeat all day, every day.

aespa Bring SYNK: HYPER LIVE To London’s O2 Arena

When we say aespa are owning London, we mean an absolute takeover that goes beyond the killer collaboration with RAYE. The girls also took center stage at London’s iconic O2 Arena. aespa LIVE TOUR SYNK: HYPER LIVE in London was a mind-blowing experience of futuristic stages with unique storylines set in the metaverse.

Image Source: Courtesy of SM Entertainment

When we talk about aespa, everyone knows they bring insane vocals and catchy choreography. Pair it with jaw-dropping performances; their London show was a night to remember. With 25 unforgettable songs performed, London MY (their incredible fandom) were definitely having the time of their lives during this aespa takeover. 

Image Source: Courtesy of SM Entertainment

aespa are in London mode! With the success of their concert at London’s O2 Arena and the release of ‘Better Things (RAYE Remix),’ it’s hard not to talk about them. What do you love about the ‘Better Things (RAYE Remix)?’ Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!

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Also, if you attended aespa LIVE TOUR SYNK: HYPER LIVE anywhere around the world, we’d love to know all about your night! Find us over on Facebook and Instagram!

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