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Plaid Shirt Days: The Ultimate Fall Style Guide, According To Taylor Swift

Plaid Shirt Days: The Ultimate Fall Style Guide, According To Taylor Swift

Singer, songwriter, director, cat enthusiast, legend, and fashion icon. Seriously, what can’t Taylor Swift do? Whenever we step into a new season, we’re instantly looking back at her old looks to get outfit ideas, and that’s especially true when fall rolls in. Autumn leaves are falling down like pieces into place, and we’re falling back in love with Taylor’s fashion. Come get inspired with us!

How To ‘tolerate’ The Cold

Let’s set the scene with a little line from ‘Cornelia Street’: “windows flung right open, autumn air, jacket ’round my shoulders.” Taylor always manages to make the cold sound so magical! So, naturally, it makes us want a jacket ’round our shoulders. And what better inspiration than the cover of her evermore album? That Stella McCartney coat still pops up in our wildest fashion dreams.

But if you’re not quite ready to break out your heavy coat, you could always try a blazer! It’d lean into the preppy fall vibe we associate with the back-to-school season while also channeling Taylor’s iconic ‘The Man’ blazer from the Eras Tour. You can copy Taylor’s styling with some knee-high boots or maybe contrast the sophistication with your favorite sneakers.

Image Source: Brittaney Penney for The Honey POP

’tis the damn season’ For Stripes

Taylor first really showed off her love for stripes during the Red era, but they’ve stuck around! Some big recent examples are the ‘Anti-Hero’ music video – one Taylor wore a vintage collar shirt with horizontal stripes, while a flashier Taylor wore vertical stripes in neon hues – and the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) photoshoot, which featured a striped sweater. Something about stripes just screams “fall” to us, and there are so many iconic Taylor looks to be inspired by!

“In a tight little skirt…”

As much as we love a little mini skirt moment à la ‘Style,’ midi skirts really get their chance to shine in the fall! Their hems fall somewhere between the knee and ankle, so they’re perfect for the cooler weather. The gorgeous Parisian style in Taylor’s ‘Begin Again’ music video still lives in our minds rent-free, especially that midi skirt outfit from the café scenes. So chic for autumn!

Grab Your Favorite ‘cardigan’

Okay, yes, we mentioned jackets earlier, but cardigans and comfy sweaters are in their own lane! Whether it’s an official cardigan from Taylor’s merch store or your old fave from the back of your closet, cardigans are so versatile. You could pair it with a sundress on warmer days or jeans and a T-shirt when it gets a little more brisk.

Taking a trip following a golden string through the woods is a plus but not mandatory…

“After plaid shirt days…”

Alright, you knew this was coming! ‘All Too Well’ is THE fall song, so it’s the ultimate inspo for your cozy fall outfits. Plaid shirts were already an autumn staple, but they became so much more than that when Taylor mentioned wearing them on the bridge. There, they became a symbol of comfort and warmth – perfect for those chilly days, right? You could also top it off with your favorite scarf if you wanted to…

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“Crimson red paint on my lips…”

Finally, a little makeup idea to finish off your autumn look! We all know how fond Taylor is of bright red lips, and for fall, we think a muted, darker red is fantastic. It still makes a statement while giving off a richer vibe. If a bold red is too much for you, try a more neutral, brown-toned shade! Add a little bit of blush for that lovely “red lips and rosy cheeks” energy.

What are your all-time favorite fall looks that Taylor has given us? Which of her songs is at the top of your autumn playlist? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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