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4 Songs We Hope aespa Perform At Their SYNK: HYPERLINE Concert

4 Songs We Hope aespa Perform At Their SYNK: HYPERLINE Concert

NAVIES, Calling! Aespa is slated to host their first SYNK: HYPERLINE concert on February 25-26 at the Jamsil Arena in Seoul, South Korea. The three-year-old powerhouse girl group from SM Entertainment – comprised of members Karina, Giselle, Winter, and NingNing – have MYs (aespa’s fans) very excited to finally see their girls live on stage! The members have many chart-topping hits that all of us MYs would love to hear live! But there are 4 tracks we really hope the girls added to their set list!

Image Source: SM Entertainment

1. ‘Illusion’

This track is a b-side from aespa’s 2nd mini album, Girls. It sticks to the sound fans have come to know and love from the group! The song has gained traction online for its fun choreography that’s been covered by several idol groups, including their label mates WayV! Who wouldn’t want to see this in an arena? You can read more of our thoughts on this track and the others on the mini album here!

2. ‘Next Level’

This one is a no-brainer! ‘Next Level’ is arguably one of the top songs that took these girls well… to the next level. The song features a beat change in the middle of the song which a lot of fans found refreshing and fun, not to mention the iconic choreography! This track focused many eyes on them and many new fans, most notably Jooheon from Monsta X, who’s been seen many times covering the song. Either way, Jooehoney and MYs alike need to hear this live and in concert!

3. ‘Savage’

‘Savage’ is the title track of aespa’s first mini album of the same name. The song quickly took off on social media for its quotable moments and fun dance. And you can’t mention this track without mentioning member NingNing’s phenomenal vocals on the song! We would love to be in an arena full of fans when they hear, “Oh my gosh, don’t you know I’m a savage,” at the concert!

4. ‘Black Mamba’

Last, but certainly not least, you can’t talk about an aespa concert and not mention, ‘Black Mamba!’ This track was the group’s debut track, so it holds sentimental value to both aespa and MY. The song was our first introduction to the girls and their AI counterparts, in the stunning music video associated with it. Get ready because when this song starts we’re gonna take Karina’s center position for ourselves!

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