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5 Songs For The Soundtrack Of Your Late Night Cry Sessions

5 Songs For The Soundtrack Of Your Late Night Cry Sessions

There’s something about crying to a sad playlist at 3 a.m. – it’s truly a way of life, we must say. Fortunately, 2023’s rising artists have been blessing us with lots of cathartic anthems. If you’re looking for new juice to get in your feels to at a concerning hour, we’ve got you covered!

Gracie Abrams – ‘Amelie’

‘Amelie’ is a resonant ballad addressed to someone from Gracie’s past. Produced by Aaron Dessner, the soft-yet-powerful song contains several heart-wrenching elements. The minimalistic, folk-inspired acoustic guitar allows her haunting vocals to stand out, especially when they trail off in the chorus. Gracie sings of the excruciating absence that people can leave – “Why’d it feel louder when all of it went unspoken?”

Image Source: Danielle Neu

Providing a myriad of details, Gracie helps us visualize the subject clearly, demonstrating how much she knows about Amelie compared to how little Amelie knows about her now. “She had her hair up / She cried about her obsessions / But she doesn’t know I’d let her ruin all my days,” Gracie sings. However, she still leaves the lyrics up for interpretation. She never specifies whether Amelie is real or just a dream.

Of course, no sad girl anthem is complete without a cutthroat bridge. Gracie’s is perhaps one of the best we’ve seen. She emphasizes that she let Amelie’s stories continue to flourish in her mind, but Amelie let hers perish. It’s a heartbreaking image that contrasts the freshness of childhood (“All your words felt like a nursery rhyme”) with the finality of death (“All of your words felt like a funeral rite”).

With her upcoming debut album, Good Riddance, Gracie continues leaning into her tried-and-true techniques. This record contains more of her signature introspectiveness, while incorporating themes of uncertainty. Her storytelling and delivery have left us in shambles!


Nicole Rayy – ‘Sad Song’

We’re so glad that alternative country music – often lovingly referred to as y’all-ternative – is having its moment! Newcomers like Nicole redefine the norms of the genre, contributing sharp vocals and an unapologetic, edgy approach to storytelling. On her new project, Now & Then, the Canadian powerhouse explores the changes between the past and present, reflecting on what has shaped her artistry and outlook. If Paramore covered Miranda Lambert or Fearless-era Taylor Swift, it’d sound a little something like her. Her creative, daring, and unique sound stems from a variety of influences. It’s easy to see why her discography has over 3 million streams and counting.

Now & Then is the perfect title for this album because it really encapsulates the stories from both my past and present. It is a celebration of my life now and how I grew up. Many of the tracks on this album have been my biggest singles to date, and I am very excited that they all finally have a home on one record. I am really looking forward to sharing another chapter in my story with my fans and inviting them further into my world with the release of Now & Then.

Nicole Rayy

Image Source: Courtesy of Alley Cat PR

We felt particularly called out by the project’s second track, ‘Sad Song’ – the title is pretty self-explanatory. You will, too, if you’re sick of people telling you that you need a “sunny day to chase the blues away.” When Nicole sang “There’s just something about a sad song, every time it comes on, makes you wanna turn it up and sing every word,” we felt that. ‘Sad Songs’ is an anthem reminding us that catharsis is not just acceptable, but also beneficial. Honestly, the healing powers of crying to painfully relatable music are unmatched.

And finally, a Nicole fun fact: as she’s trying to grow her own music career, she knows that she’s in the same boat as many others. In that light, Nicole founded All Woman Music, a Nashville-style songwriters’ round that showcases female and non-binary identifying voices. Here’s a playlist of artists whom she’s featured!

As much as her music absolutely slaps, the commitment to give her peers a platform has to be our favorite thing about her. She’s a queen for this.


Jessie Murph – ‘What Happened To Ryan’

If Clairo, Olivia Rodrigo, and Kehlani had a child, it would be the 18-year-old alternative/pop riser Jessie Murph. Ugh, we really can’t get enough of her! Her recently released mixtape, drowning, gives us an unfiltered glimpse into her perspective and heart.

It’s hard to believe that my first full body of work is out in the world. For me this mixtape represents a time in my life when I was at my lowest and things were really dark. Writing these songs was my form of therapy, and I’ll forever be grateful to everyone who listened to them and let me be vulnerable. I’ve always said that I want to write music that helps people and with the drowning mixtape that couldn’t be more true. If these songs can make people feel less alone like they did for me, then it will all have been worth it.

Jessie Murph

While we loved the entire record, ‘What Happened To Ryan’ especially broke us. This track is much more than its TikTok-viral segment “But we were young then / Sometimes I wish that we were young again.” In this important, personal song about the sad truth of addiction, one can hear the frustration and desperation in Jessie’s voice. “Anyone could see it was fucking you up / A real fucking friend would’ve taken your cup,” she unapologetically proclaims. She paints vivid pictures of her childhood memories with Ryan before alcohol got the best of him.

In a triumphant, forthcoming debut album, no subject matter or emotion is off limits for her. Jessie approaches her lyrics with specific details, aiming to create vivid images in the listener’s mind – while keeping them universal and all-encompassing at the same time. Her distinctive voice stands out against minimalistic yet intricate production; the wide variety of musical influences is evident in everything she puts out. If you’re looking to start stanning this legend, now is the perfect time!


Lauren Spencer-Smith – ‘Best Friend Breakup’

Romantic breakup songs are currently all over the charts, covering almost every possible scenario and perspective in this area. However, we don’t talk enough about platonic fallouts. These can leave deep, long-lasting wounds, and occur very unexpectedly. With ‘Best Friend Breakup,’ Lauren provides comfort for anyone who shares this kind of pain. She retells her painfully vivid account of a personal experience, conveying an impactful message about the nature of this heartache.

During her debut appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, which ironically lined up with Valentine’s Day, Lauren performed ‘Best Friend Breakup.’ Safe to say we cried the entire time. Watching her sing this anthem live added several dimensions to her story. For one, despite the blockbuster nature of Corden, the performance felt like an intimate conversation. The way Lauren trusts listeners with her heart and speaks directly to their souls is unmatched.

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We seriously can’t get enough of Lauren – she has the whole package. Her effortless belt and impeccable vocal range blow us away, carrying genuine emotion and drive behind them. Her relatable lyrics comfort us through hard times, making us feel understood and not alone. Overall, her music feels like a hug from a friend in a time when it’s most needed. Fresh off of two Juno Award nominations, one People’s Choice Awards nomination, and over a billion global streams, this girl is just getting started. We’re ready for the debut album whenever she is!


Em Beihold – ‘Roller Coasters Make Me Sad’

Even if theme parks ARE your thing, there’s a good chance you might still relate to Em’s latest drop. (Get it? Drop? Like a drop in a roller coaster? Yeah, we’re not funny… welp.) Anyways, many of us often feel like we just can’t enjoy ourselves the way others do. Here, Em captures that premise perfectly.

Image Source: Courtesy of Republic Records

Despite its universal sentiment, a specific experience at the start of her music career inspired the track. If you didn’t live under a rock in early 2022, you’ve probably heard Em’s smash breakout hit, ‘Numb Little Bug.’ Naturally, the way this song suddenly thrusted her into the spotlight caused a tumultuous wave of emotions.

On the day [‘Numb Little Bug’] dropped, the response was insane. I should’ve been happy. Instead, I felt this pressure to keep the momentum going. I knew that everything that goes up must come down. I was bracing for the fall, because it was so unbelievably good. I couldn’t just enjoy the ride. At the same time, I do hate roller coasters.

Em Beihold

Em juxtaposes dark, self-reflective lyrics with complex, hard-hitting production, representative of the mess of thoughts in an overthinker’s brain. The pulsating buildup in the verses and pre-chorus, which precede the jarring, isolated drum beats in the hook, bring the image of a rollercoaster to life. The dynamic twists and turns in the instrumentals, some of which we expected more than others, made us feel as though we actually were on a thrill ride while listening.

While providing a social commentary in some lines (for example, “It’s a capitalist frenzy, 10 dollars for an ice cream“), Em relies on the motif of theme parks to characterize her social anxiety in a fresh way. ‘Roller Coasters Make Me Sad’ spreads awareness on a current, relevant mental health topic, giving a firsthand account from an individual it affects.


And that’s a wrap for now! Did we spruce up your sad girl playlist with some fresh tunes, or did we forget your fave tearjerker? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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