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Rising Star Roundup: This One’s A Long One!

Rising Star Roundup: This One’s A Long One!

Rising Star Roundup

Usually, for Rising Star Roundupwe choose 5-6 of our favorite rising artists to promote each week, but today we thought we’d amp it up a little. We chose 15 of the best artists that are in no way getting enough love! After all, that’s what Rising Star Roundup is all about. It is in the title. Let’s not keep you waiting, because it’s a long one!


They may be big, but if you ask us, they’re not big enough. Not only have they released a new album that has us wanting more, but they also released a song and are going on tour this fall. Believe it when we say we are set and ready to go for the ONE OK ROCK “Fall of Fulfillment.” (Yes, we made that up. Yes, we think we’re iconic.)

Obviously, we’ve got the links. Click right here, here, and here.

Molly O’Malley

If you feel like you’re constantly pretending to be someone you’re not? Well, Molly O’Malley has just about written the song of your life! (Don’t worry, ours too.) Their new EP Nobody Parties (Like Molly) comes out October 20th, and we are shaking with excitement about it. Rising Star Roundup is here to name Molly O’Malley as a legend that you need to check out! Like yesterday.

Pre-save the EP right here!

Blair Lee

Stop what you’re doing! Blair Lee released ‘Hurdles,’ and we are thinking thoughts. Hear us when we say that we’re obsessed. (We get it, we have an obsessive personality, but the song is that good!) If you want to hear the vulnerability and grace that comes with Blair Lee’s beautiful voice, you have no choice but to listen to this beautiful track. We’re basically begging!

Go stream it. Click here now.

Natalie Jane

You should know by now that TikTok breeds artists left and right that we here at The Honey POP love and worship. Natalie Jane is a new name being added to that long list because ‘Seven’ is to die for. We are obsessed with not only her vocals but the entire concept of the song. We need more songs that talk about the anger and the resentment of a breakup, Natalie, never stop writing!

You know the drill. Click the link.

Lily Lane

The Queen Of Hearts has arrived, and we aren’t sure if we’re talking about Lily Lane or her new EP. (Perhaps a little bit of both, we are in a bit of an overachieving mood.) The reality is, no matter which of the two we’re talking about, we’re in complete adoration. Lily Lane has absolutely done it this time with her sophomore project! What else can we say but iconic? (Nothing, we can say nothing else.)

Click here. You know you want to.

Anna Clendening

Listen, we know you’ve seen Anna’s name on here before, and it will not be the last time. We’re just being honest Anna Clendening is a THP favorite! If you ask us, she is far from appreciated enough. Rising Star Roundup has no shame in bringing her up weekly if we have to. She literally just released her new EP Untitled X’s. Give her more love. We demand it. (Okay, maybe that was a little harsh. Pretty please?)

Hey, look, a link you should definitely click!

Jessie Murph

Now Jessie Murph knows how to tug at The Honey POP heartstrings. Song after song, she makes us clutch our knees on the HQ floor, crying about an imaginary heartbreak. (Totally imaginary. Don’t question it.) ‘While You’re At It’ is yet another song that has set in stone how much we love Jessie Murph. We are begging her to become our bestie! (We’re super funny, we promise!)

This link leads to magic, the song.

Sam DeRosa

There is an incoming EP from Sam DeRosa, and if it is anything like ‘The Good Parts,’ you can sign us up immediately. We have already memorized every single lyric. (The neighbors are a bit distraught with us. Maybe it’s because we didn’t invite them to the sing-a-long.) We are officially claiming Sam DeRosa as our Rising Star Roundup mascot! (Can we do that? Just did.)

Go listen to ‘The Good Parts‘ and get ready for the EP!

Lindsey Lomis

When we see an artist with a name that reminds us of alliterations has released an EP, we know Rising Star Roundup is the place for them! Just kidding, we thought that was a funny joke. (Maybe we aren’t funny.) Nonetheless, Lindsey Lomis released her EP Daydreaming, and it is worth every second of your time. If you’re not streaming the EP, you should be daydreaming about streaming it. (Get it?)

All jokes aside, stream the EP. Here’s the link.


We definitely have a fan crush on MASN for releasing this new track. ‘Crush’ is gonna be on repeat for the rest of our lives if we have any say about it. Consider it the only song playing in The Honey POP HQ. Honey bees, we’re pleading. You have to check out MASN and his new song ‘Crush.’ The more you stream, the higher the chances we have of a tour!

The link for your clicking pleasures, of course!


We’ve been hyping up a lot of EPs today, and now we get to hype an upcoming album! This is so exciting! It’s like Christmas but in September. scared to go to sleep is carobae‘s debut album, and the title track, which has already blessed our ears, has left us wanting more. November 17th is so far away, we’re hoping for a new single or two to hold us over, *wink wink.*

See Also

Do we even have to tell you? Click it.

Sabina Beyli

This next artist is rising so fast, we almost missed her! Almost. We are speedy, so it’s no surprise she’s here for this week’s Rising Star Roundup! ‘Daddy’s Daughter’ is out, and we are sitting in a circle screaming the words. Like a campfire, but with fangirls obsessed with Sabina Beyli. The production, the vocals, the entire song? Pure perfection if you ask us. (Since you’re here, you’ve asked us. We don’t make the rules.)

We do make this rule, though, click the link and stream the song!


Amongst this list of rising stars is artists that are pretty known, but we just don’t think they get enough love. Do you get what we mean? Wallows is one of those names we hear, and just know they’re destined for greatness. We’re just waiting til the day everyone knows their name! They’ve got the resuming of their world tour coming up, and before you ask, we do have tickets. No big surprise there! 

Get your tickets to their tour here! And while you’re at it, stream their album!

Natalie Shay

If you love indie pop artists, this next artist in this week’s Rising Star Roundup is for you! Natalie Shay has just released her new song ‘Heaven,’ and that’s exactly what the song feels like. As fans of Miss Shay, we feel obligated to tell you how excited we are for her upcoming EP. We’re literally planning an event for it over on our Discord! You’ve got to be there!

Stream ‘Heaven.’ That’s it. Just stream it.

Magnolia Park

We figured we’d end this jumbo Rising Star Roundup with a pop punk band that does not have enough recognition! Here at The Honey POP, we are obsessed with all things Magnolia Park, and that includes their new single ‘Addison Rae!’ It’s the perfect song to get us hyped for their upcoming tour, which you know very well we’ll be front row at! (Come join us, buy your tickets here.)

We have no words other than stream ‘Addison Rae!’

Wow. This week’s Rising Star Roundup is definitely packed with some true icons! We know we usually like to keep it short and sweet, but we knew each and every one of these artists needed to be on your radars. It’s our duty as fangirls to share the best of the best with you, and these rising artists are all that and more!

How many of these artists did you know? Are you gonna be joining us at any of their tours? Which upcoming release are you most excited about? Which of the releases we already have are you most excited about? You can let us know all this in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Also, make sure to join our Discord for all the latest buzz!

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