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Rising Star Roundup Is Back Honey Bees! We Have Some Killer Names For You!

Rising Star Roundup Is Back Honey Bees! We Have Some Killer Names For You!

Rising Star Roundup

We know Rising Star Roundup has been out of commission for a little bit, but we are back and better than ever with some of the best names in rising star history! Oh, how we’ve missed telling you all about our favorites! Seriously, it’s been torture hiding these angels from you. 

Whether they’ve been on our radar for a while or we’re just hearing about them now, these rising stars deserve a spotlight that we are so happy to shine on them! Time means nothing in the world of rising to stardom. Without further ado, here’s this week’s Rising Star Roundup!

Alex Warren

You may know Alex Warren from TikTok, killing the social influencer game with his girlfriend Kouvr. Did you know he also makes music that we here at The Honey POP are obsessed with? His newest single ‘Headlights’ is his debut with his new label! Congrats to Alex for the song’s release, and for now being a member of Atlantic Records!

Headlights’ is about anxiety, feeling like an audience member watching your own life, and all the things you can’t control.

-Alex Warren with Rolling Stone about ‘Headlights’

We’re in love with this track! The talent that is required to bear your soul to the world is a very heavy load but from this song alone we know Alex has it! We see nothing but great things for him in the future so catch us just watching, cheering him on from The Honey POP HQ!


Maude Latour

Have you ever heard the song ‘One More Weekend?’ Well, we have and we’ve been a fan of Maude Latour since we first heard the preview. Now, she’s back with a new song to prepare us for her upcoming EP! (Eek! We’re definitely a little excited. Okay, a lot excited!) ‘Cyclone’ has us pumped and ready for everything that Maude has to offer us in the future!

Speaking of Maude’s future, September 29th marks the start of her headlining tour! Make sure you get your tickets to the what is this feeling? tour as soon as possible. (Of course, we’re going to give you a link, we aren’t monsters. Click right here you lovely little honey bee!)

If you haven’t heard of Maude yet, we’re proud to say that Rising Star Roundup is honored to have such a killer talent on our list! Maude is making memories that her audience is never gonna forget! Can’t wait to see you guys at her tour, and make sure you’ve been streaming ‘Cyclone!’


Stephen Sanchez

You’ve probably heard this name, yet don’t know exactly where you know it. Well, you’re in luck because your friends here at The Honey POP know all about Stephen Sanchez! Stephen has recently blown up because of his gorgeous voice, and his song ‘Until I Found You,’ which we’ve streamed a few times too many! This song is forever going to be known as a fan favorite over here!

On top of ‘Until I Found You,’ Stephen dropped an EP that we just can’t get enough of. Easy On My Eyes is an EP that we have been dreaming of. It’s everything we could have hoped for and more. We’re excited to see what’s to come with Stephen Sanchez, including the tour he’s set to be going on with Noah Kahan this fall! Tickets can be purchased right over here!

Love is a scary thing. On the EP, the themes are cohesive. Giving attention to the sides of those afraid to fall in love, those learning to trust in love, and those reflecting on what could’ve been done to change the ending.

Stephen Sanchez on his EP Easy On My Eyes


Jenna Raine

If you know The Honey POP, you know we are obsessed with Jenna Raine! Her talent is indescribable. We love everything about the path that Jenna is on, so don’t be shocked to hear us talking about her 25/8! (It is kind of our job you know.) Her newest song is a breakup anthem, and who doesn’t love one of those? We know we do!

‘Fumbled The Bag’ was inspired by two of my close friends who had breakups before the summer. I wanted to write a song that captures how terribly these guys fumbled the bag. It’s meant to help them realize that their ex is the one who messed up, not them.

Jenna Raine on ‘Fumbled The Bag’

We love the message this song puts out because it’s true! To any of you honey bees struggling, listen to ‘Fumbled The Bag,’ it puts everything into perspective! You are worth millions, and Jenna Raine said it best, they messed up, not you! We tip our sparkly hats to you, Jenna, keep changing the world! Don’t fumble the bag by not streaming the song!

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Jenny Kern

This next artist isn’t someone we’ve talked about here at The Honey POP and that’s a shame on us. Jenny Kern is a living breathing icon and she’s everything we aspire to be. Since 2018, she’s been pursuing music full-time and we’re in awe of how iconic she really is. Her music is a game changer, we’re all but forcing you to listen. (If we could force you, we would. Instead, we’ll just introduce her on Rising Star Roundup.)

I think most people assume that my music skews toward lyrical sadness but I always try to inject a hopeful undercurrent to it. I want people to feel like there’s hope and just because something feels heavy doesn’t mean that it’s going to be that way forever.

Jenny Kern on her music

We can assure you that you’re going to be hearing a lot more about Jenny Kern. We’re entirely too obsessed with her sound, energy, and overall talent. There’s nothing we here at The Honey POP love more than an iconic rising star that’s ready to rise to the top! So stop what you’re doing and stream ‘Miss Somebody’ by Jenny Kern, it’s worth it.


We truly missed Rising Star Roundup and telling you all about the artists we love and you need to know. You know the drill, stream these beautiful artists, and make sure to send them all the love they deserve! If you’re not as obsessed with them as we are, clearly we’re doing something wrong here.

Did you miss Rising Star Roundup as much as we did? Which of these names did you already know? Did any of these names spark interest? How many of these artists are you going to be streaming? (We hope the answer is all of them. Trust us, they’re that good.) You can let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

We even have a Discord server you can join!

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