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Arcade : O Is Here And Ghost9 Is The Host, ‘Let’s Get Lost’!

Arcade : O Is Here And Ghost9 Is The Host, ‘Let’s Get Lost’!

Arcade : O Ghost9

There is no barrier that music has not yet crossed, but maybe an infectious rhythm will make us discover another world! Arcade : O is the new world hosted and produced by Ghost9. This has everybody “run & run goin’ loco loco loco!”

This time, we might think that seven can be Ghost9’s lucky number. As a seven-member group, having the chance to release Arcade : O as their 7th mini-album feels like a whole new opportunity to explore so many new possibilities. And it’s not just us; ghosties all over socials say that this comeback is a complete rebirth!

Arcade : O

Bees calling to land? We have an amazing group taking over! In this new mini-album, Ghost9 completely reinvented themselves, adding different rhythms, powerful lyrics, and unquestionable talent.

Arcade : O has six songs that flow perfectly from start to finish. The album is meticulously arranged to make the journey through this world feel like a smooth roller coaster of rhythms! Let’s explore them all, or should we say…

‘Let’s Get Lost’

‘Let’s Get Lost’ is an astounding invitation to immerse anyone in the charms of Ghost9. With a Latin rhythm, soft voices, and a tropical feeling, this song is just the perfect introduction to the rest of the album. Not only does it blend their voices altogether, but it ends up leaving you wanting more.


The main track of this new era is ‘RUCKUS.’ A completely new image for Ghost9 is definitely shown here! Coupled with an amazing music video, Ghost9 went for everything! They try a whole new rhythm and dances, and try out some Spanish lyrics, too. It’s soooo addictive!

‘B.O.M.C. (Bang On My Chest)’

With a powerful beat, this song catches us. It’s a changing rhythm in which Ghost9 navigates and manages to blend seamlessly. It really feels like a song with all the K-Pop essence. “Rata ta ta…” straight into our hearts!

‘Rolling Stones’

Just as the name says, this song is a rolling beat. It has feelings of magic and a really catchy chorus. Just like Ghost9 could, they’re going to “take it, take it, take it, and make it make it!” We’re only halfway through the mini album, and already you can feel they are the Halloween comeback!

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‘Love Parachute’

Some things don’t come easy, like going from such a comforting song to a totally tender and loving one. Ghost 9 has that change perfectly handled with ‘Love Parachute.’ It’s such a beautiful, sweet, and undoubtedly romantic song. Bees in love is the mood now!


The cherry on the cake is undoubtedly the album’s closer, ‘Bookmark.’ Just as Ghost9 leaves a mark on us, this song leaves us with a feeling of happiness, friendship, tranquility, and, of course, the desire for more! And can we talk about their beautiful vocal range? We are speechless.

Ghostie 99.9%

Since we listened to this album by this point, we have to say it: we are 99.9% ghosties now, and we want to keep on track to Ghost9’s next world to explore. So, come around @thehoneypop and tell us one thing to make us turn that 99.9% to 100%. Are you as in love as we are? This album is amazing! In the meantime, keep track of every surprise we have on our Instagram and Facebook!


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