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We’re Feeling The Rhythm Of Red Velvet’s Feel My Rhythm

We’re Feeling The Rhythm Of Red Velvet’s Feel My Rhythm

ReVeluvs, the day has finally come! Red Velvet has returned with their stunning new mini-album Feel My Rhythm, the perfect soundtrack for the beginning of spring that draws from classical music, dance-worthy pop, and even elements of R&B and hip-hop. It’s a fusion of everything Red Velvet does best – we can guarantee you’ve never heard IreneJoySeulgiWendy, and Yeri quite like this before.

Feel My Rhythm is an absolute wonderland of magic and grace, offering bold new concepts that Red Velvet execute with ease. From the classical ‘Feel My Rhythm’ to the edgier ‘Beg For Me,’ there’s bound to be at least one song you’re tempted to add to all your playlists. Let’s get into the rhythm and take a look at each track from the EP!

‘Feel My Rhythm’

The title track of Feel My Rhythm is nothing short of majestic, tinged with a Bach sample of strings at the beginning before moving into a more upbeat pop sound with just enough sophistication to complement Red Velvet’s fluttery voices. And don’t even get us started on the music video! The video is full of elegance and whimsy, drawing from classical art and even ballet. We’d do anything to step into that magical world with our girls.

‘Rainbow Halo’

‘Rainbow Halo’ is just as angelic as the title suggests! It’s a warm-hearted love song about a relationship that’s “much more than [they] imagined,” and the girls’ voices sound simply ethereal. We hope we get a live performance so we can see what the “rainbow halo dance” they mention on the chorus is.

‘Beg For Me’

The mini-album takes on a darker, almost jazzy, air with ‘Beg For Me,’ which kinda gives us similar vibes to Girls Generation’s ‘Check’ at some points. It’s confident and empowering as the girls flex their amazing vocals and give us the ultimate vibes. Maybe RV themselves summarize it best on the third verse: “I’m bossing it real nasty, but still keeping it classy.” 


“Bamboleo” means “I sway” in Spanish, and you’ll definitely be swaying back and forth when you hear the energetic ‘BAMBOLEO!’ Red Velvet truly “come alive” on this song, which brings an incredible 80s pop feel in the best ways possible. It makes us want to go out for a fun night on the town with our friends, especially when we hear the guitar riff on the bridge!

‘Good, Bad, Ugly’

There’s nothing bad or ugly about this track, just a whole lot of good! ‘Good, Bad, Ugly’ brings 2000s R&B vibes as the girls of Red Velvet describe the ups and downs of life with beautiful harmonies and plays on the classic saying “life is a box of chocolates.” If you’re having a rough day, this song can turn it right around. 

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‘In My Dreams’

The EP ends on a dreamy note with the unrequited love anthem ‘In My Dreams,’ a unique fusion of soft 60s pop energy and 808 beats on the chorus. Those things don’t sound like they’d go together, but once you hear this song, you’ll stand corrected! This might be our favorite track for both the risk they took combining these sounds and how surreal Red Velvet’s vocals sound.

What’s your favorite song on Feel My Rhythm? How do you feel about this new era of Red Velvet? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more fun K-Pop content, click right here


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