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Red Velvet Are Back To Rule With ‘Queendom’

Red Velvet Are Back To Rule With ‘Queendom’

It’s been way too long without a proper Red Velvet comeback! Finally, after 20 long months, Red Velvet are back with their new mini-album Queendom and title track of the same name. Of course, we got fantastic unit and solo debut projects during the group hiatus, but Red Velvet are the best when they are together as five. And ‘Queendom’ is a worthy return of the queens of summer!

Stream ‘Queendom’ here.

‘Queendom’ is a refreshing pop dance song that is perfect for this time of the year and takes its worthy place in RV’s long list of summer anthems such as ‘Red Flavour’ or ‘Power Up.’ With one of the catchiest hooks during the second part of the chorus, ‘Queendom’ was stuck in our heads instantly after the first listen and the girls’ vocals are just as fantastic as they have always been. Wendy is truly popping off with her ad-libs this time around, we missed you queen. ‘Queendom’ is the perfect song for a comeback we have been missing so much!

Red Velvet Are Our Summer Queens

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But ‘Queendom’ is not all there is! Red Velvet treated us with five more songs; ‘Pose,’ ‘Knock On Wood,’ ‘Better Be,’ ‘Pushin’ N Pullin’,’ and ‘Hello, Sunset,’ each better than the other and showing us a different side of Red Velvet. ‘Knock On Wood’ and ‘Better Be’ especially, serve us the true Red Velvet synergy that can always be found on their b-sides. We can hardly pick a b-side we like the most from this new album, that would be like picking our favorite child (Maybe it is ‘Knock On Wood,’ or is it ‘Pose?’). Let us just say that R&B Red Velvet is a force to be reckoned with and their b-sides are always top-notch!

Red Velvet- queendom- music video
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Of course, we have had the album on repeat since it dropped and are highly anticipating the girls’ upcoming live stages! Did you get the chance to watch their Beyond Live concert? We are so jealous! Red Velvet has returned and nature has healed. And yes, we can’t stop watching the fantastic music video for ‘Queendom,’ it’s just so magical and has the RV vibe we all love. Have they ever looked better?! There’s no one like Red Velvet, honestly!

What do you think about ‘Queendom?’ What are your favorite songs from the album? How much did you miss Red Velvet? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop! Or find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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