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CIX Save Our Summer With ‘Wave’

CIX Save Our Summer With ‘Wave’

FIX!! The day has finally come! CIX finally dropped their first full studio album! ‘OK’ Prologue: Be OK is here and we had to sit down for a moment to digest this no-skip masterpiece of an album. CIX had us wrapped around their little fingers from the moment we listened to ‘Movie Star’ two years ago and now they have dropped the title song ‘Wave’ for their first full album. Have we mentioned it’s their first full album yet? We have? Sorry, not sorry, it’s just so unbelievable.

Stream ‘Wave’ here.

We are trying to contain our excitement here about this stellar album and title song but CIX quite literally saved our summer with this. ‘Wave’ is a banger of a song, giving us just the right amount of deep emotions mixed with fun summer beats. The chorus of ‘Wave’ is way too catchy for you not to enjoy and jam to all summer long. CIX are still rookies but their growth during the past two years has been amazing to see and their songs never miss!

Even the music video for ‘Wave’ is so much fun, taking us on a fantasy adventure through the sea and space. But were we the only ones absolutely shocked by that ending? What the hell happened to Yonghee? We must protect our boy! CIX are always up for a dark twist and we love them for it.

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Since ‘OK’ Prologue: Be OK is CIX’s first full album with a tracklist containing ten amazing songs, we can’t possibly pick a favorite from the list or talk about them all. As we said before, it is a no-skip album, but still, we wanted to shed some light on three of our favorite songs from the album!


‘BAD DREAM’ opens the album and what a way to start it is! The instrumental-led drop chorus reminding us of our favorite deep house jams, is more than welcome. CIX can pull off any genre and ‘BAD DREAM’ proves it.

‘Off My Mind’

We couldn’t leave ‘Off My Mind’ out from this list! Remember ‘Young’ from HELLO Chapter Ø. Hello, Strange Dream? This song is its twin and we are positively obsessed with ‘Off My Mind’ and hope to see the boys perform it live soon! That Michael Jackson “Woo!” is just too good and groovy.

‘Genie in a Bottle’

Our third pick from the album has to be ‘Genie in a Bottle.’ Now, this is the CIX we love so much, strong verses and a powerful chorus! ‘Genie in a Bottle’ is going on top of our playlist right this second. CIX is serving some serious EXO teas with this track and we are not complaining!

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CIX have done it again, giving us a banger, no-skip album! How do we and FIX deserve to be always fed this well?What’s your favorite song from the album? What do you think happened to Yonghee? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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