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CIX Really Deliver It All In ‘Jungle’

CIX Really Deliver It All In ‘Jungle’


FIXES assemble! How long have we waited for this comeback? After being delayed for four months due to Jinyoung sadly sustaining an ankle injury, C9 Entertainment delayed the comeback of the year from June until October. But thankfully the wait is over and we much rather see five healthy members on stage together. Today is the day CIX finally dropped their third EP HELLO Chapter 3: Hello, Strange Time along with lead single ‘Jungle’.

Image Source: CIX via GIPHY

Welcome To The ‘Jungle’

The album follows the group’s trend of an R&B heavy title song with a drop in its chorus. This time too it really pays off and makes for an amazing title song! ‘Jungle’ really is one of their best title songs yet and we will be jamming to it for a while. Each of the members gets their moments to shine. Seunghun carrying the chorus with his outstanding vocal skills and the two rappers BX and Hyunsuk really outdo themselves during their rap verses. CIX really deserves the name of the most-promising rookies of 2019 and 2020.

Image Source: ‘Jungle’ Music Video via YouTube

The title’s music video is also outstanding. C9 put everything into the production of this masterpiece and the visuals are out of this world! The dark atmosphere, the sharp choreography, and the red outfits are just a few of our personal highlights. Ultimately Yonghee covered in liquid gold is what took our breath away at the beginning of the video. CIX really knows how to deliver in every aspect!

Hello, Strange Time‘s B-sides

The rest of the EP consist of four more songs and each of them could have easily been the lead single. The songs are ‘Move My Body’, a trap and hip-hop heavy album opener, ‘Change Me’ a fast-paced bop with dance beats, ‘Switch It Up’ a vocal-heavy mid-tempo song with R&B elements that get stuck in your head, and ‘Rebel’ which ends the album with a bang and a catchy chorus. CIX usually has amazing b-sides, which makes for a nearly flawless discography. This is rather impressive for a one-year old KPOP group.

We honestly cannot pick a favorite on this album and we refuse to (but really if we must pick it’s definitely ‘Rebel’). CIX made us wait for this album and the wait sure was worth it. This group is not messing around when it comes to their music and their performance. Furthermore, each of the members have amazing skills and talent to form an outstanding group.


So, what is your favorite song on HELLO Chapter 3: Hello, Strange Time? What do you think about the music video for ‘Jungle’? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: ‘Jungle’ Music Video via YouTube

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