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We Haven’t Been To The ‘Cinema’ In Months But CIX Is Taking Us There

We Haven’t Been To The ‘Cinema’ In Months But CIX Is Taking Us There

CIX is back with their fourth mini-album HELLO Chapter Ø. Hello, Strange Dream. FIXs are thrilled to get another comeback from the group after only three months! And for a good reason, ‘Cinema’ is a new sound for the group, as they are challenging a more refreshing and cute look. Not only is CIX changing up their look, but the group has also taken on retro-synth in their title song ‘Cinema.’ We have to admit they totally pulled off this new concept and the music video also fills FIX’s hearts with joy.

But not only did the title song ‘Cinema’ give fans a new look at CIX and what they are capable of. But the entire mini-album Hello, Strange Dream has a lot to offer as well. The group gave FIX the perfect winter EP with a lot of songs on it to brighten your long winter days. Consisting of 5 songs in total, each song takes on another genre and it feels like a breath of fresh air!

Hello, Strange Dream In Depth

The album opens with a beautiful ballad called ‘Stairway To Heaven.’ This one is sure to give you a lot of comfort and proves how vocally talented all members of CIX are. ‘Cinema’ follows this beautiful ballad and brings FIX all of that retro-synth fun. Honestly, we are not complaining to hear more melodic instrumentals like this coming back to K-POP. Also, the fact that the retro trend has made its way to Korea is really nice to hear!

Up next is the groovy ‘Round 2,’ an amazing R&B track. CIX has plenty of groove and it is nice to see them exploring the R&B genre more, as they prove they thrive in it. After a little bit of grooving, CIX have FIX bopping their heads to ‘Young.’ With ‘Young’ CIX challenges their 2000s pop-rock alter-egos and it is just a pure and simple joy to listen to! To close this fantastic album we get to hear another R&B track ‘Everything,’ which is the perfect send-off to this fantastic mini-album. All in all, a fabulous fourth album!

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CIX has yet to deliver an album that does not have fans and critics raving about it. These boys have a bright future ahead of them and we will never stop being excited about what’s next for the boys. So, what is your favorite song on Hello, Strange Dream? What concept would you like to see next from the group? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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